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Reiki Fast Track Package

1 Year To Super-Charge Your Spiritual Life!

Do you feel it is time to begin your natural spiritual awakening, develop or enhance your natural abilities or psychic gifts?

  • No need for any previous knowledge or experience
  • No previous certificates needed
  • Step by step guidance throughout your experience
  • Includes unlimited email support and feedback
  • Great savings on combined Fast Track Attunements

Spiritual Awakening is now a reality for so many people. For most this is a gradual process. However for others energy rises at a speed far greater than they would expect or are able to handle comfortably and safely. If you are one of those who need guidance to move at a greater speed, as you move constantly into higher energy vibrations, than our Reiki Fast Track could be your own spiritual Boot Camp. 

Many times I am asked if there is a quicker, more direct or greater focused path for spiritual progression, or for enhancing and developing spiritual or psychic abilities. With this in mind I have developed this special package.

Over the course of just one year you will be guided through a series of attunements from the beautiful foundation which is Usui Reiki to the sublime new higher vibrational Lightarian energies of Lightarian Reiki culminating in The Lightarian Ascension Band Bridge attunement.

Timing of working must be strictly adhered to; this is not a hollow quick fix experience, but a genuine guided journey of self-discovery and spiritual development. You may wish to take your time and spend longer than the year to progress, and that is perfectly fine, but you cannot go through it any quicker than 1 year.

If purchased separately these systems would cost from 385

Usui Reiki 1(1 attunement)- 15

Usuui Reiki 2 (1 attunement)- 25

Usui Reiki 3/Master (1 attunement)-45

Lightarain Reiki + Buddhic Boost (5 Attunements) 150

Lightarain Ascension Band Bridge (1 attunement) 150

 Reiki Fast Track Package Price 

Save 15% NOW - 325

For a full explanation and details of everything that these attunements contain please click the following links:

Usui Reiki

Lightarain Reiki + Buddhic Boost

Lightarain Ascension Band Bridge

Please email me to make a booking or for more information