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The Good Vibes Girl Tune-Up

This is my most in-depth healing treatment. It combines many tried and tested energies I have worked with over the years. It is similar to the Complete Auric Flush +Lightarian Energy session, only this one goes far deeper, taking in the elemental rebalancing and Yin/Yang polarities. 

This combination of different healing forms and modalities are carefully placed into an energetic whole-body healing framework. I have designed this program to give your auric field a complete spiritual workout bringing you into balance physically, emotionally and mentally. In addition to the modalities listed below I will also include any other energy systems which I feel will most benefit your particular circumstances, so your session will be tailor-made just for you.

It combines a full hour of healing with 2 different 3 card health readings to provide greater insight into your problem, imbalance or issue. This helps me to get to the root cause and to bring this to the surface for recognition, acceptance, releasing and healing. 
This is for a full 1-hour healing session and includes;

  • 3 card insight & guidance health oracle reading
  • 3 card Kabbalah God Name card reading
  • Chakra & Aura Diagnosis
  • Elemental balancing of the Air, Fire, Water & Earth aspects of you and the Yin/Yang polarity within you. Any imbalances will be corrected using the wand healing method and our Yin/Yang ~Moonstone/Sunstone energy
  • Chakra Flush 
  • Meridian Flush 
  • Aqua Aura Flush
  • Mental Flush
  • I will conduct an in-depth session of Lightarian Reiki; this energy brings in the energies of the Ascended Master Buddha and Sananda, Gaia and the Godhead to create an energetic divine healing chamber and offering a complete healing session with all elements of the spiritual world.
  • Etheric crystal healing using chakra crystals and 2 crystal skills within a crystal healing alignment grid sealed with rainbow colour breathing
  • Lightarian Angel Links energy
  • Empath Protection Activation & Clearing Activation energy
  • I then smudge your aura with a mugwort smudge stick using my peacock fan to keep your protected. 
  • I finish the session by closing you down, sealing your aura and grounding you.
This healing method also includes full email feedback in order for you to integrate ongoing healing into your life. 

Your reading will also include the images of the cards used so that you can use them for further contemplation and meditation. 

As an intuitive I will also include any messages from your guides or any other impressions I may pick up for you. Sessions can be booked;
  • Singularly
  • Set of 6 one session per week for in-depth treatment on a particular issue or imbalance
  • Set of 6 one per month for half a year
  • Set of 12 one per month for a whole year

All feedback will be sent by email as a Word Document so we both have a permanent record of what has happened to refer back to if needed. During your session I will enter into a deep trance meditation and journey into the astral realms so I will not be able to communicate with you vocally. For this reason I do not use the phone or Skype as it would keep pulling me back into this world and weakening the connection between our higher self aspects. 

Each session costs 40
Choose a 3 session package and save 5% 114
Choose a 6 session package and save 10% 216 

Choose a 12 session package and save 15% 408
To Book The Good Vibes Girl Tune-Up email me @

 Attunements Energies Used

To improve your health long term, you may be interested in learning more about the energies I use during your healing session. When you work with these on a regular basis it can improve your overall energetic health. 

Please click HERE for more details.