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The follow attunements are set at an extra low price so everyone can experience a wide variety of energies no matter how much they have to spend. All systems come with full feedback and certificates.

As some systems have multiple levels, to keep the price low I am offering the following systems as pre-prepared chi balls, so you can call them in whenever is convenient to you and in keeping with the system originators timing guidelines, they are not available as individual real time appointments.

All of the energy systems listed below are powerful and popular ones and I have enjoyed working with them all at some point over the years. However, some of the manuals are very short, just one or two pages long, so some prior knowledge and experience of Reiki, energy healing, and attunement procedures would be helpful.

As all those who are experienced and familiar with energy work know, it is the intention that is paramount - to send and receive, and to work with an open mind and heart. It is important to allow the energy itself to teach you, to make it yours, to learn to work with it in your own way. Sometimes the restrictions of others can limit your own experience with a system, but going into it with a new and fresh perspective can prove to be a valuable learning tool.

With Each £7.99Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One guide to the system
  • One distance attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage
When you have made your choice from the attunements/empowerments listed below please email me for  PayPal invoice 

Akashic Angels - Have you ever known how to do something without learning about it? Have you ever had skills in athletics, music, the arts which simply “came to you?” There is a theory that we are not just ourselves – that we are many selves living many life experiences at the same time. And these selves can visit us in our dreams and help us. You could be a fireman in one life and a poet in another. You could be a man in one life and a woman in another. The place where all your living experience is stored is called the Akashic Records. It is like a library. This reiki system sets out to allow you to get help from your personal Akashic library, with the help of other Selves.

Alchemy Reiki - System Originator - Violet Paille - Alchemy is the study of scientific transformations. We can use this form of science for a spiritual transformation. For each of us has our ailments, negative emotions and past life trauma that has led us to blockages, illness and pessimism. The theory of alchemy is very simple. It is a theory since all parts make a whole, we can work to change that whole. It is not about releasing the negativity, but embracing our weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

For what Alchemy Reiki does is the same as the ancient Alchemists do, they transform and transmute materials into gold. In this same way we will take our negative spiritual energy and turn it into gold. Alchemy Reiki teaches you how to turn negative energy into positive energy and therefore transforms the whole body for the highest good.

 Alien Aura Devices Reiki Founder: Stewart Farquharson There are many people out there who for one reason or another through Alien Contact have received implants, either physical or non physical. To your inner eye these things may resemble simple shapes such as pyramids, cubes, cylinders and stars and spheres. Some have barbed limbs. They do not move. Some twinkle and glow dimly. Some are concealed under a shimmering layer of light that makes them transparent and ghost-like. The implants affect our reasoning, our emotions and our psychic abilities. They don’t usually cause physical harm because the aliens use these to track and monitor. However our own resistance to these things may affect our health badly. When you have detected an implant in addition to this energy there are many ways you can remove or inactivate them which will be explained within this manual.

AngelwingsAngelwingsis supported by the angels from the purest and highest love vibration. Angelswings can grant you protection: giving security; transmit the love to you which you need at present: helping you to overcome lovesickness or affairs of the heart: supporting you at the development of your self-love; be a loving forerunner for you for the next step; adapting you to the ever increasing energy frequencies. Angelwings will touch the depth of your heart with love even if you first cannot be aware of it.

Bone CareFounder: Mariah WindsongThe Optimal Bone Density Field and Ideal Calcium concentration and the other functions in this system do not require any prerequisites. The connective tissue service is for people who are comfortable with being worked on by unseen helpers and who are already reiki masters. That one is much more comprehensive. This Bone Care system is good for any sincere seeker. Feels great and is easy to use. Bone Karma Cleanse :Activate with intention and allow a few minutes to go by for these Divine energies to cleanse you of any Karma that affects your bones adversely. Structural Alignment: Activate with intention while you are fully reclined and have already spent a few minutes relaxing. Structural Alignment is designed to align the energies of your physical structure to your Highest Divine Blueprint.

Chakra Evolution Attunement System Originator - Linda White Dove - The  Chakra Evolution Attunement  works with each of your seven major chakras. It helps evolve each chakra, working with the physical, emotional, mental, ego and all higher aspects of who you are. Anywhere that you are ready for a higher expression in any particular chakra, it will be facilitated. This attunement is created in such a way that each person who attunes receives based upon their unique needs at the time they use the attunement, every time they tune in, regardless of how long it has been since the attunement was created, so it evolves and changes as you do

Dark Angel Stone (Chrysanthemum Stone)This reiki healing system concerns shadows. These can be emotional wounds we have hidden deep inside, or the harshness of poverty and drug addiction, or the way we are taught to distrust human differences. There are several minerals that excel at helping this work. They are often black, with white patterns. Snowflake obsidian is useful, Rhodonite too. The stone we are to work with this energy is wonderful as well. It is commonly called Chrysanthemum Stone.

Divine-Light Energy SystemDivine-Light is the blissful delight presence of the Divine light Ascended Masters from the upper world manifested as Love and Compassion in the lower world.

Divine-Light removes all negative energies replacing it with love, joy, and peace raising the recipient’s frequency to directly connect to the Source. Divine-Light attunes your body activating a blissful balanced state of male and female Universal Healing Energy, all Divine-Light Ascended Masters, and Angels like Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Nuriel, and Raphael. Divine-Light eliminates all physical and emotional pain, suffering, fatigue, and tiredness while strengthening your male and female energies to a balanced state of enlightenment.

The Divine-Light raises your frequency higher than any virus, disease, or illness strengthening your immune system. Your immune system is permanently fortified forever shielding you from dark forces. By activating Divine-Light, you have a direct connection to the Source. If you are reading this, consider yourself a “Divine Chosen One” to bring this light into the world manifesting Divine-Light loving compassionate service to everyone you meet.

Earth Star Grounding AttunementThis stream of energy will gently ground you. Excellent for those who may feel as if their 'head is in the clouds', light headed, or feel dissociated from the physical world. This is also useful to run after doing spiritual and ritual work or deep meditations. This is a dual English & Japanese manual

Emotional Osteoporosis Healing Reiki Founder: Linda Colibert. This system connects you to your higher self and to Universal Source Energy. The system works to remove the blocks from negative emotions, and to clear out any negative emotions. It helps you to discover what emotions and situations are at the root cause of osteoporosis. With this disease, the bones are thinning and becoming weaker and brittle. The positive healing works to speed recovery and strengthen your bones.

NEW Eternal Ethics Energy System  Founder: Bernd Zimmermann. A strong ethical understanding is beneficial for the social situation and in many areas of life. Being sure of one's own values creates security in thinking and acting and promotes one's own maturity and the refinement of one's own soul. Recognising oneself in thinking and doing, and also knowing and feeling even in difficult situations what is right and appropriate, is a sign of well-developed ethics. Ethics also help one to understand oneself, to feel comfortable with oneself, and one's own ethics can be a sure guide for one's own life. Eternal Ethics contains the inner ethic empowerment and the eternal ethic empowerment.

Full Spectrum Healing- System Originator - Ole Gabrielsen - Full Spectrum Healing consists of all frequencies and is therefore able to heal on all levels. Reiki will ‘only’ reach the green spectre (Green Ray). Imagine a rainbow. The Green area is Reiki and the whole rainbow is Full Spectrum Healing. Therefore, it is reported that Full Spectrum Healing will have a much higher success rate. It will also raise your energy levels in your body and is a powerful energy for self-healing. Full Spectrum Healing is administered through the recipient's palms and sometimes also through the recipient's crown. A Full Spectrum Healing session normally will be shorter than a regular Reiki session lasting a mere 15 minutes. We all save and store emotions, especially negative ones in our energy system. These emotions block our growth and development. Full Spectrum Healing is a great energy for clearing emotional blocks.This course includes:

  • A simple technique for self-treatment to clear your past
  • Learn how to make your treatments more powerful
  • Work with Full Spectrum Angels
  • Learn how to use Full Spectrum Healing in distant treatments
  • Attain knowledge on how to pass the Full Spectrum

Gold Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3 System Originator – Ole Gabrielson - Gold Light is the strongest light of transformation in the physical universe It transmutes fear and darkness into light and joy. In Gold Reiki, you are attuned to the precious metal Gold and its metaphysical properties, it has great cleansing powers, banishes fear and negativity, and also protects against psychic attacks. You can use Gold Reiki as ordinary Reiki, alone or as a combination. Gold Reiki consists of three individual attunements. All of these have to be takenin order to use the Gold Reiki System. It is advisable to leave a few days in between each level to allow the energy to settle. You will have three chi ball prepared for you for this system. 

Prerequisites: Must have Kundalini 1, 2, 3

Hilarion Intuition Initiation - Hilarion is Chohan of the Fifth Ray, the green ray, of truth, science, vision and prosperity. He works with souls to help them gain mastery in the third-eye chakra and green-ray qualities, including healing and the science of holding the immaculate concept. (The immaculate concept is any pure thought held by one person on behalf of another.) The Fifth Ray is related to the third-eye chakra while the ray's colour is an emerald green. With regards to this area of work, Hilarion's influence is not solely healing, but also includes music and science and focused 'vision' through the perceptions of the third-eye.

Kali Ma New Moon Empowerment -New Moon is the time for rebirth, a time to let go of what has been, and forgive ourselves for whatever wrongs we think we may have done, and begin anew. In many cultures the New Moon is the beginning of the new month. It also represents a time of spiritual rest when we can contemplate what we want in our lives and plant the seeds of those desires that they may grow with the lunar cycle. Kali, a Hindu Goddess of 100 different names can help us in our work with the New Moon.

This Goddess of power, manifested in the feminine trinity of Maiden, Mother, and Crone is often seen as murderous, but the truth is that she only slays demons. Kali will help you to put away the ego and allow you to see that connection to life is only illusion. She will help to give you strength, and cut all the elements of destruction, and attachment to people and possessions. She will also help you to face forces that threaten or prevent you from becoming who you incarnated to be. Kali Ma is connected with the root chakra, so if you are in need of healing or grounding her energy will help you with these issues. The manual contains the history of Kali and her mantras.

Lavender Reiki  Founder: Hari Andri WinarsoLavender Reiki awakens you to your true spiritual essence. It helps you embrace your spiritual birthright and make it a reality. To do this, it aligns and integrates all your bodies—physical, emotional, causal, mental, and intuitive. As your physical and subtle bodies move toward alignment and greater cooperation, they become more aware of each other. This increased awareness further improves alignment and enhances the flow of life energy throughout your entire being. When you work with the Lavender Reiki, their energy radiates into your entire aura. There, the Lavender energy begins to abolish the negative energies that weigh you down and prevent your physical and subtle bodies from aligning themselves. The Lavender also strongly encourages all your chakras in all your bodies to move into better alignment with each other. It does this by awakening each of your bodies to become aware of its relationship with the next highest body. This inspires all your bodies and all your chakras to align and cooperate with each other.

Love from Your Soul Star: Founder: Stewart Farquharson. There have been some changes in the ideas of personal energy centres. Five new chakras are being felt and seen by the clairvoyant among us. They are also called “transpersonal” because they do not sit inside our bodies but rather nearby. They link us to the Universe, to the angels, to helpful star visitors, and to our own eternal selves. Work with this energy to explore these chakras. These are: The Stellar Gateway. The Soul chakra. The Causal chakra. The Earth Star. The Secret Chakra (Floater Chakra).

Lullaby Reiki: Founder: Stewert Farquharson. The Great Mother; some see Her as the dark goddess of the earth, as the Greeks saw Demeter and her deep love for her lost daughter. Some see Her as Isis and her care for her husband Osiris and son Horus. She can be Celtic Rhiannon or Branwen, Norse Frigga, even Sumerian Inanna. She brings a compassion and instinct for comforting a child. Fruits, flowers and crops grow well in her presence. Animals show her nature, such as a cow with a calf. She is deeper than the warrior sky gods and wiser. She knows the better vision for humanity and encourages us to seek it. She sings lullabies when we need her. Manual also includes healing lullabies to sing your child to sleep with.

M92 Star Cluster Reiki: Founder: Stewart Farquharson. Situated above the head of the constellation Hercules, Messier Object 92 is a star cluster. Using the visualisation images in the manual experience the stars in the constellation Hercules. M92 is where it all happens. This energy calls on us to journey out to the stars.

Magick Reiki Jinx RemovalFounder: Linda Colibert. Magick Reiki Jinx Removal is an energy infused system. Magick and Reiki are joined to create a powerful energy to help you remove any Unix that might be on you or your loved ones. It does not cause harm to anyone, but does remove the jinx for good! This system connects you to Spirit and your Higher Soul Self so that you can remove any bad mojo that might have been put on you or attached to you by someone jealous, resentful or just mean. Removing the jinx is quick and easy when you use these energies. It is a very powerful system. The energies of Magick Reiki Jinx Removal quickly remove the jinx energy. It won’t come back once it is removed. They energies are of light, and they are strong. They will help you feel a sense of relief. You will be attuned to a symbol to help you to connect to the energies.

MarielEL Reiki - MariEL is a heart-centered hands-on healing technique introduced in 1983 by its creator, Ethel Lombardi, an international healer/teacher and Reiki Master taught by Mrs. Hawayo Takata of the Usui Reiki tradition. MariEL is the essence of the Feminine and was brought into existence in an effort to balance the patriarchal energy dominating Mother Earth and her people. The energy of MariEL probes to the core of the soul and facilitates the release, at a cellular level, of old blockages, patterns, memories, traumas and pain

Navigator Angels of the Orbs - A Navigator Angel is a helpful being from the Universe who meets us with love and healing and knowledge. Navigator Angels are very good at guiding us instinctively to the right place and time for success. This results in better health, prosperity, success, romance, and protection from negative forces. You will be attuned to:

  • Yellow - Very good luck, success, protection, joy, easy life
  • Green - Healing, good gardens, money, good business deals
  • Blue - Peacefulness, relaxing, inspired ideas, freedom
  • Red - Energy, strength, personal magnetism, luck in gambling
  • White - Protection, gentleness, nurturing others and yourself
  • Purple - Sensing secrets of the universe, clear thought, poise
  • Orange - Letting go, moving on, cheerfulness, laughter
  • Black - Safety, being unseen by negativity, good sense, strength

Nine Witches of Brittany: The First Avalon Empowerment
 - With this system you will become familiar with the ways of the Nice Witches, their heritage and beliefs including: Ile De Sein, daily life in Brittany for Celtic women, Faery traditions of Brittany, the Forest of Broceliande – leading onwards to Avalon where you will learn more about the magic of Sea Witches using crystal seer stones.

Noisy Neighbours Reiki - I know. You can't sleep, can't relax, can't play and can't work –and your neighbours don't seem to care how noisy they are. How frustrating! But there is hope. You can use this spiritual approach to resolve the situation. This Reiki brings Universal Healing Energy, Wisdom, and Love to rescue you. You will learn the three step process of: Consideration, Healing, and Hope to bring about a harmonious environment for all concerned.

Oxygen Attunement - Founder: Ole Gabrielsen.Create Oxygen Antennas. Reverse "chaotic" energy structures. Balance and harmonise. Tools made with the Oxygen energy are great for "treating" water, as it has the ability to reverse the energy of unstructured water (like tap water) into a more harmonic state. These energies can be used in healing just replace Reiki with Oxygen. You can also create energy tools like those described in the Tachyon manual from Ole; just replace the word Tachyon with Oxygen. Information is given on how to create Oxygen Antennas. Those who have had the Tachyon Reiki, Tachyon and Source systems will love this.

Pale Green Muscovite Empowerment: Founder: Stewart Farquharson. This beautiful stone is simply a milky-green form of mica, the mineral that adds sparkles to Aventurine quartz. It has chromium atoms that colour it a gentle green, the colour of some glacier lakes. It is useful for healers because it gives the wisdom to step back and see if our efforts will actually help a situation. Sometimes people need to solve issues by themselves to learn the lesson. It also soothes physical injuries, balances hot and cold energy, deflects any negativity in a subtle way, and works well with nature spirits. White Tara is an ascended master who works well with these vibrations of peace and detachment. Green Tara helps with healings and joy.

Paws and Butterflies: Founder: Stewert Farquharson. In the Amazon forest there are tribes who have mystical healers. They can see energy nobody else sees. They can see where the deer hides and the caiman lurks. They talk to the plants. To them their spirits appear and peek out from behind the trees. They can help a healer find an elusive remedy; for the spirit world is a misty and beautiful jungle where trees have magic, and water speaks.  

Polar Sky; Jacob’s Ladder:
Founder: Stewert Farquharson. The polar regions form steps of increasing energy, reaching from the ice and snow to the solar wind of space. Odd things happen here. Aurora light hangs like curtains in the sky. Noctilucent clouds glimmer far above where they should exist. Magnetic shields stream away to the edge of the solar system. Radiation belts wrap the earth in a silver apple shape. In the bible Jacob is a man who rests his head on a stone in a holy place and dreams of helpful spirits climbing up and down a ladder. In Egypt it was believedheaven was separated from earth by a ladder guarded by Set and Horus, and even angels climbed it. How does this concern the polar sky? The sky is actually divided into real layers, each with its own behaviour and temperature and forces. Perhaps our ancestors saw this in their shamanic mental journeys. This is useful in a meditation for reiki practitioners today. A quest for knowledge, companionship and abilities presented by the sky in seven steps: the land, the clouds, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the ionosphere, the moon, and the portal to the stars.

Ray of Haniel - Haniel's name means "the grace of God" and is generally credited with the title of prince or chief of the Angelic orders or choirs of the principalities and virtues. For this reason, Haniel is listed as one of the seven Archangels. Some Cabalistic texts credit Haniel as escorting Enoch to the spirit world where he was transformed into the Angel Metatron, being one of the only two humans to ever become Angels (his brother Elijah being the other).

Haniel helps us to uncover the lost secrets of natural healing remedies such as potions, powders and crystals. He will help you with whenever you need to speak in public and helps you to remain poised and centred. You can also call on Haniel to help bring beauty, harmony and loving friends into your life.

Rosari Reiki - This system of Reiki includes cleansing the whole chakra system and opening the 3rd eye. It can also used to heal physical and non-physical disturbances in your body. It brings you peace as you meditate and aids in accessing natural energies, these being: water, earth, air and fire. This works with you while self-healing and helps to eliminate negative energies.

The manual is an English translation written by non-native English founder, but is still easily understood.

 Soul Star Reiki Founder: Stewart Farquharson. There have been some changes in the ideas of personal energy hubs that people are wearing these days. Five new chakras are being felt and seen by the clairvoyant among us. They are also called “transpersonal” because they do not sit inside our bodies but rather nearby. They link us to the Universe, to the angels, to helpful star visitors, and to our own eternal selves.

  • The Stellar Gateway- Metatron
  • The Soul Chakra- Mariel
  • The Casual Chakra- Christiel
  • The Earth Star- Sandalfon
  • The Secret Chakra (Floater ChakraThere is no recommended angel for the Floater Chakra.

Snow Spirits EmpowermentSystem Originator: Mariah Windsong - Snow Spirits Empowerment opens these and many more gifts unto you:

  • Swirling movement of riding the winds
  • Descending into physicality
  • Ultimately grounding whilst here on Earth.
  • Can sit and be picked up again to ride the winds awhile longer
  • Offering playfulness
  • Enchantment
  • Provide Divine Geometries (codes)
  • Connecting that which might not easily connect.

Spinal Care - 
Founder: Mariah Windsong. Spinal Care uses cosmic laws and the belief that the spark and movement of Divinity is in all of nature here on Earth. Divinity (Eternal Sacred Source) is intelligent and provides action only for our highest joyful good. Spinal Care is Divinity in action to bring the spiritual energies and gifts of Ruby, Shallaki Boswellia Serrata and Pearl deep within your aura, energy bodies and physical body to assist you in as much as your personality, higher self and soul will allow.

Star People Infusion Reiki: Founder: Stewert Farquharson. The star people exist on other planets in our Milky Way galaxy, and when they are willing, we may contact them by our sincere intentions. Learn about different star species and how to contact them. This system comes with a multi- activation visualization image to help with your focus and connection.

Star Goddess Li-Ha & the 7 Pleiadian Goddesses of Starlight Star Code Activation - Star codes held by the Star Goddess Li-Ha is one that activates a deep resonance within the cellular configuration of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The alteration of this configuration is important in terms of bringing into being that which is divine, that which is in alignment with the purpose of the moment and that which is a part of whichever new pathway is making its way to you or whichever aspect of the pathway you are on is being addressed.

Tibetan Sunrise Pilgrimage: Founder: Stewert Farquharson. Take a spiritual journey using the beautiful images in this manual encoded with the energies of Tibet. Journey to a healing etheric monastery, meet the monks who can advise you on any issues you may have, sit a while and chant with them. Accept a rainbow orb of energy to cleanse and refresh your system and enjoy the Tibetan Sunrise of a new day, or a new chapter in your life.


Vajrasattva Bronze Dragon Founder: Stewart Farquharson. In the far east they say each human has a pure Self. This is known as Vajrasattva. With this part of your being you know the Universe, and love, and act and exist in the great healing flow of things. There is a ritual involving the Bronze Dragon which you will explore in your manual in the form of a guided meditation that connects you to this, it initiates the seeker. It came from India through Tibet to Japan.

Whale Spiral Song Reiki: Founder: Craig Farquharson. It is known that whales can communicate over hundreds of miles to find companions. They sing. They dive down to the denser layers of the ocean where the sound waves are trapped and swept long distances, and they sing. This reiki taps into that strange phenomenon with the idea that whales are not the only creatures that can do this. We don’t know what Beings exist in the voids of Space. Those who seek love and wish to communicate may do so by using this whale song energy.

White Dragon Magnetic Reiki:
Founder: Stewart Farquharson. This reiki empowerment is about setting up an inner magic and spiritual method to allow you to access what you need from the Universe. White dragons protect us, teach us, lift us up when we are sad, take us to distant places if we climb on their backs and let them fly. Dragons are so good to many of us who are compatible with them. If you are drawn to this energy you will know you are a natural dragon-friend.

Wing Care Empowerment - Founder -  Mariah WindsongWe all have Ethereal Wings if we care for them properly and encourage them to unfurl. They provide a wonderful way to run more than one kind of energy system in person at one time. Think of it: an energy flows out of your hands, now your ethereal wings reach around to another part of your friend, loved one's or client's body and channels another energy system! Or you are in bed and a cat wants Feline Love, yet you want to run Shamballa energy or Karuna or Violet Flame Reiki.... you can send Feline Love out through your ethereal wings, caressing your cat. And you can run the other energies you want for your own body and being! The following is from Mariah’s manual:

“Wing Care is born of the desire to live in a richer awareness of all the gifts we have, even those we are just noticing.

Wisdom of Merlin - System Originator - Andrea Baginski - Merlin is known for being a teacher and mentor of King Arthur of Great Britain. He was also a Druid and he knew all about the laws of nature, Mother Earth, plants, animals, crystals, the sky, the stars and the trees.
This empowerment will help to connect you with Merlin on a deeper level and if you are ready, he will teach you the Magickal knowledge and wisdom that will help you on your path.
Once you have been attuned to this system, you will have a stronger connection with Merlin and you will also be able to pass this attunement on to others.