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About Me: Raine Hilton


Hello, my name is Raine Hilton and with my husband Philip, we form the GVHT team. I am a Spiritual Well Being Consultant specialising in Holistic Life Coaching and Complementary Health Care. It is always good to know that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands and so below is a list of my qualifications, associations and relevant experience as well as a little bit about me and how I work. I am fully insured for your peace of mind.

I hold the following qualifications in:

Angel Therapy and Spiritual Awareness
Bach Flower Essences (Energy Healing with Flower Remedies)
Clinical Aromatherapy

Colour Therapy
Complementary Healthcare
Cupping Therapy Massage
Crystal Healing Practitioner

Gua Sha (Chinese Massage)
Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression Therapy & Future Life Progression Therapy

Indian Head Massage
Life Skills Coaching
Thai Hand Reflexology Massage

Professional Associations
Former CCC Reg Registered Counsellor with the charity
Counselling (CCC)
Associate Member of the Institute of Psychotherapeutic Practitioners (MIPP)
Member of Complementary Therapy Association (CTA)
Member of the Stonebridge Associated Colleges. (MSAC)

Writer for Medium

Blogger at WordPress
Blogger at BlogSpot 

Life skills and other information

I have sensed Spirit around me since I was 2 years old, becoming aware of my main spiritual guide several years later. We have enjoyed a close working relationship ever since, learning various healing and spiritual development skills from him. I have developed this awareness over the years and can now see, hear, sense, smell and feel Spirit, Angels, and Faeries. I have shared some of my journey in my
Celestial Light Codes Clairsenses Course
This enables me to work intuitively with my clients and students to provide the best service and health care. I believe that this isn't a special talent or ability, but something we all are capable of developing over time with an open, loving, compassionate heart and the right guidance. I love to be able guide others a little way along their journey, whether this is through healing or by teaching spiritual development I see this as a two way partnership. I believe we learn something from each person we meet, every encounter is an opportunity for growth and wisdom for both parties. I have owned and managed many online forums, websites and communities and have been a spiritual development teacher for many years. I have studied many different religions, faiths and belief systems, including Kabbalah which has been so life changing for me. I was initiated into Witchcraft in 2003 becoming a practicing Priestess. I am also a Faery High Priestess. I was initiated by Queen Maeve during a series of deep trance meditation session after many years of working within the Fey Realms. I am an Angel Therapist and have learned so much from their guidance over the years. I am a Crystal Skull Guardian of 13 wonderful skulls.

Healing & Distance Attunements
Healing for me is as natural as breathing, it is a part of my life and of who I am. From an early age if I saw others in pain or distress I would lay my hands on them to ease their suffering. This was always very much an instinctive thing, not calculated, or reasoned, just born of the moment and the need. As an adult, I decided to train professionally and add discipline and structure  to my healing practice, so that I could offer far more than just instinctive assistance. After all the years of study healing is still very much my passion, I enjoy the freedom of informed and experienced choices, to guarantee the very best in care and attention. I am committed to ongoing study to bring you the very best in up to date complimentary healthcare. I firmly believe that you never stop learning, healing techniques are constantly evolving and so must we as healers.

Therapy and healing to me are not something you can just learn overnight and then put into rote practice. Each person is unique and I like to approach my healing sessions from this viewpoint, weaving together the perfect blend of energies and techniques. I combine various therapy modalities to form a synergistic blend, tailored to suit my individual clients. I see working with my clients as a sacred spiritual partnership, involving them each step of the way to discover the right approach they need in order to reach that happy healthy place where we all want to be. My work is naturally intuitive, I am a born medium and I allow myself to be guided as to how I can best help others.

I am attuned to every beautiful energy system listed on this website and have worked with them all at relevant times in my life. I blend these to create a tailor made healing experience that is perfect just for you. I am a Reiki Master and Teacher in many healing systems from the traditional Usui Reiki based energies to the high vibrational latest GVHT Systems which can be found on here  Healing & Guidance 

Attunements & Empowerments channelled by myself & Philip

Philip, my husband and spiritual partner, is also a channeller, and together we offer a range of unique high vibrational channelled attunements to enhance your health and wellbeing, and to help guide you along your soul path. We have been gifted with bringing through a great many unique messages, many of which now appear within the pages of these manuals. It is an honour to be called on for such a service and we are forever grateful for this privilege.  These can be viewed HERE 

Celtic Shaman

Celtic Shamanism draws its energetic force from the roots of Celtic spirituality. A shaman is at one with the land and it is easier to forge a connection with the land you were born from. It is harder to connect with a distant land, possible, but much harder. It can be difficult to connect to animals and plants for example which are not familiar to your own natural environment. Even though energetically we are all connected and there are no such things as time or distance in a universal sense, unless you are exceptional at visualisation it can be challenging when you donít have that physical connection, that special magnetic bond with your own land. The way of the Shaman is a natural form of living and working in a very connected way to all living things. The word Shaman comes from the Tungus people of Siberia and means one who knows. The Shaman is one who seeks to connect to all things, often called the walker between worlds; someone who seeks harmony in both the physical and the spiritual. In this system, which is a very loose free-form set of beliefs and practices, which vary from person to person, it is viewed that all things are alive and are connected. Everything around us;  animals, trees, plants, rocks, stones, fish, insects, people and the very land itself each being in possession of a soul or spirit and none being more important than the other and all having their place within the overall harmony of the web of life. Those who practice Shamanic techniques in one form or another are to be found the world over.  Most countries have their own form of Shamanic belief. Many Shamans travel and because of this learn from others on their journeys and so the path of the Shaman is by nature is essentially an eclectic one. Shamanism is a healing path and one of service to all.

Angel Therapist

I am an Angel Therapist and have worked within the Angelic Realms for many years. I offer attunements to Angelic Healing systems which can be found HERE as well using them in my healing sessions. I also read Angel cards using them in combination with healing to create a well-rounded assessment of my client's health, and well-being which can be found HERE

Faery High Priestess

I am also a 3rd Degree Faery High Priestess, I was initiated during a deep trance meditation by Queen Maeve after many years of working with the Fey Realms. I also offer many Faery Healing Attunements  I have channeled myself. This can be found HERE
As with the Angel Therapy, I use  Oracle cards combined with Faery Healing to create unique tailor-made sessions for my clients, these can be found HERE

I was writing an article during 2008 and discovered to my surprise that I was channelling through the medium of automatic writing. This has become stronger with time and I have not only channelled a large number of communications but also various healing modalities and attunements through deep trance meditation. I had been told as far back as 2003 that I would one day channel, but it was still a wonderful surprise to me when I did. Among those given voice through my writing have been Jesus, Mary of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, Buddha, The Archangel, Faery Kings & Queens, Morrigan, Morgana and Epona, to name just a few.  


I joined the Internet in 2001 and within a year had a thriving online spiritual community "After Dark" with over five hundred members. In addition to my own group I also taught spiritual development on a number of other websites. I first met Phil on a group called Spirit Walkers, but it was on his own website Lux Deus where we came into full contact and got to know each other, and within a short while I was invited to join the Lux Deus management team. 

As time passed we grew closer and through channelled communications discovered that we were Twinflames. The effect on us was profound, exhilarating, terrifying and also a huge amount of guilt and pain as we were both involved with other partners. We talked for hours online and couldn't bear to be apart from each other. When we were apart I would astral travel to him in my sleep and appear before him. I could sense him stood so close to me sometimes, it would stop me in my tracks. If he was eating or drinking something I could taste it too. We could heal each other by sending energy, this was before I discovered Reiki. If I was awake first on a morning I could shout to him telepathically and he would wake up and come online.
After a few weeks of this we knew we had to meet, the pain of being apart was too great. After much discussion we arranged to meet, with the full blessings of our then partners. Our first meeting was electrifying, we were so alike in our ways it was astounding and a little disturbing at first. We spent a few days together and it became clear we could never bear to be apart permanently again. After he returned home the pain was indescribable, I felt like my heart had been ripped out, I couldn't eat or sleep. We had several more meetings before we decided that the children and myself would move to be with Phil. From that day on we have never looked back, every day is such a joy to wake up next to my true love and to fall asleep by his side every night. Every moment we share is so very precious because of how long we have been apart. Our love grows deeper every day.


Many Walk-Ins occur following a serious illness or life threatening accident. Some even die and are Ďbrought backí. As the new soul awakens the time preceding the event is often remembered as fragmented or like watching a movie rather than reliving the actual event. The person feels dissociated from events and people, even those close to them. Those around them feel that the event has changed them, that they seem Ďlike a different personí and are unable to reach out to them as they used to. Relationships can feel awkward. There are residual emotions connecting the Walk-In to the previous occupant but these arenít always strong or last for long in many cases, especially in adult Walk-Ins. For the Walk-In even though they are well versed in the life history of the soul they have traded with, relationships with friends, family members and even partners need to be rebuilt. 

In order for a Walk-in chain of events to come about it is required that both parties are in full understanding, harmony and agreement. There are variations in how this may come to pass and I shall outline two here for clarification: The first is by far the most common. This happens by prearrangement before the soul incarnates upon the earth plane, this is sometimes known as the contract and as such constitutes a set of, or series of preordained events that will give the soul experiences within a given time span before the exchange takes place. The second and more unusual happens when a soul on the earth plane cries out in torment and anguish and is intercepted within a dreamscape. That which is known as the soul earth guide and those of the Angelic orders arrange a meeting. This takes place upon the astral planes and to the individual in question, the meeting is not remembered as it merely forms a normal episode of dreamtime.  

Some souls Walk-In with full memory of what has happened, while for others the sensory overload is too much to handle and the mind blocks the event out, often not surfacing again for many years. This can be triggered by their Spiritual Guide or Angels, or other life events when the time is right for them to follow their life path - their reason for incarnating in this special way. This happened to both Phil and myself as young children. Our full Walk-In story is shared in our channelled distance attunement:
Walk-In Transitional Alignment Attunement.

Project Mala

Project Mala seeks out working children in remote villages of eastern Uttar Pradesh, India giving them a quality education in four Rís reading, writing, arithmetic and respect. Respect for others and the environment as well as self-respect in personal hygiene good manners. In the three years Primary School course, we cover grades 1-5 of the national education standard. In the third years Middle School course, we cover grades 6-8 and in the two years of Secondary School we cover grades 9-10. We are governed by the National Institute of Open Schooling who provides certification at grade five level and grade eight level so children passing out can progress into further education. In addition, we also provide some training in life sciences cooking, gardening, sewing etc. in order for them to make the most of their lives within the primitive environment of their rural village.


Why we chose Project Mala

When we see or hear of other people in distress, poverty or danger, we all want to lend a hand. In fact, it can be overwhelming to realise just how many good causes, charities and worthwhile projects there are, each attempting to ease the suffering of those less fortunate than themselves.  When faced with such a choice of good and worthy causes, many people feel unable to decide and in fact, do little or nothing; besides perhaps throwing a handful of loose change into a collection box.  This is a shame, because by choosing just one such cause and deciding to lend a hand, you can add weight and really make a difference. It isnít expensive. We decided to look for a cause that we could stand behind and one that was really making a difference. We knew it had to involve children and we wanted any money we donated to reach the children and be used for their benefit and not be lost in charitable expenses.  We decided on India because of the sheer poverty and the very real need for outside aid. Yes, there are so many other countries in need, and children need assistance the world over, even in the UK. However, when you decide on a course of action such as this, you must understand that you canít help every child. This is not a foolish crusade. There are no medals given out. This has to be about one thing and one thing only, the children.

Many times a charity will provide resources for local villages, seed and grain, perhaps a well for fresh clean drinking water. These are great things. When it comes to children there is a very real problem of them growing up and not having the opportunity for true growth. In very poor areas, children leave behind childhood and are often forced to join the adult workforce when they should, in fact, be attending school.  Such children are to be found in India and Project Mala not only rescues such children but offering true escape through education. An educated child is in a better position to make informed choices concerning their own future. Such a child returning to their village is able to contribute so much more to their own society. Being the parents of children in full-time secondary, college and university education, we knew instantly that here was a charity with a difference. Project Mala is making a difference every single day. All sponsorship money is used for the benefit of the children. You can sponsor a child through the project for as little as £9.00 per month.  If this still seems too high and it can be for some people.  You can donate anything at all towards  school funds for important and vital equipment. The children have all been rescued from the knotted carpet industry and come from local villages. The sponsorship money also provides the children with two meals a day and two uniforms, books and supplies and it even pays for teaching staff and healthcare. We are very proud to be involved in Project Mala .