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New GVHT Attunements & Healing Therapy Sessions For Winter 2020/2021

Goddess Epona Wild Spirit of Freedom Awakening £25

Founder: Raine Hilton

Epona is the epitome of the Wild Spirit and her energy resonates with that sacred aspect of us that cannot be tamed by society, the mundane or any another person. As we go through life we find all kinds of labels pinned to us, child, sibling, parent, wife, co-worker, boss. We even find we offer up a personae that goes with each of these roles, and in doing so we find we lose a little of ourselves each time. We spend so much time slipping from role and into another we forget who we are at Divine Essence.

Epona will help you to recover this important foundation of your inner self. She will help you to recapture all the things that were once so important to you and help you to realise your most important wishes. Epona is the Goddess of dreams not only of while you sleep but also your dreams of hope and ambition for the future. She can be helpful in manifesting dreams and is a good protector to have when venturing on a new path in life.

Epona will challenge you are every turn, she wants you to discover your own truth, she will guide but never lead. She is highly protective of those she takes to especially when you are in need of being assertive and standing in your power. She will teach you to do this with grace and dignity. She never pushes with brute force only gently enlightens and illuminates the way, leaving it to others if they wish to accompany her or not.

Sometimes our wild spirit becomes buried beneath the opinions, beliefs and expectations of others. Discovering your own truth may take time, but it is time well invested. You cannot be everything to everyone without losing yourself in it all. When you are centred in whom you are and grounded in your beliefs you are unshakable. It is always important that once you discover your inner truth, your wild spirit that you allow others to do the same.

The freedom to be yourself is intoxicating; it makes even your daily life filled with wonder and adventure. Life is never what you are doing; it is all about what you are being. You may not be able to change your circumstances but you can control how you think and feel about them and determine the importance and value they hold for you.

Freedom to express yourself even if others frown upon your wild spirit should never hold you back. Focus on things which feed your soul and nurture your wild spirit. This isn’t about indulging in base, negative, low vibrational behaviour. It is all about raising your vibrations and embracing the pure bright light you are. Only you will know what you need to experience and express your creativity and passion. If COVID has taught us nothing else, it is that we should embrace every precious moment and live it with passion. Make a commitment to yourself right now that you will do all you can to nurture and unleash your wild spirit.

Learn about: Epona through history – Epona Channelled Communication – Ways of working with this energy - Epona Guided Meditation – Epona Associations – Pet Blessings & Protection

Depression Care £25

Founder: Raine Hilton

Does your depression last for more than a few days?

Do you sense negative energy around you?

Do you feel any different when away from your home or work? (Negative energy can build up where we live, work or spend most of our time)

Is depression disturbing your sleeping patterns?

Is depression causing you to miss out on important opportunities?

Do you struggle to complete self care tasks each day?

Depression is a deeply complex subject with a great many contributing factors. It manifests differently within each person so treatment varies. This energy system has been designed to help support you through the process, to run alongside any other treatment you may currently be receiving. You will find the crystalline energies carefully chosen for their powerful healing and balancing properties will encourage you to be more open to new possibilities.

When we feel negative we attract more of the same to us, sometimes this is accompanied by negative entities which feed on our low moods, anxiety, despondency, arguments and anger. Over time this can make our situation feel worse and more hopeless than it actually is.

When we feel more positive the world looks a brighter and more hopeful place to be in. When we are feeling more optimistic we find that solutions more readily appear and the right people are there to help us to move forward again. These are difficult times we are living in, but you have all you need already within you to meet and overcome any challenge. This energy will help you to dig deeply within yourself and uncover hidden reserves of strength, commitment, compassion, optimism and anything else you need to achieve the life you want.

We will be working with the following supportive crystalline energies to aid in your healing journey:

Amethyst: Alleviates anxiety, calming the mind and helping to re-establish control

Rhodochrosite: The stone of self-worth overflows with unconditional love

Labradorite: Dispels fear, anxiety and negativity of self and surroundings

Citrine: A beam of golden light to the solar plexus, raising energy and motivation

Lapis Lazuli: Stabilises confidence belief in your ability to manifest the life you want

Learn about:

The Depressive State – Treating Depression – Living with Depression – Having an Attitude of Gratitude – Crystal Support – Depression Crystal Care – Working with this energy for yourself and Clients - Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Supporting a loved one through depression
Please note: This system is not to be used as an alternative to any other treatment or therapy you are receiving.

Cool Blue Reiki

Founder: Raine Hilton
Pre-requisite: Reiki 2

This Reiki system is a very simple to use energy which specialises in targeting specific areas of the body in need of gentle healing and rebalancing, especially in cases where a cool soothing touch is needed.  Blue can help you to express feelings that you may have buried too deeply to consciously access that are related to your inner truth. Blue is a cooling colour that can be used to help you become more peaceful and relaxed. Cool Blue Reiki has a great many uses and can be long term or short health issues. This energy is peaceful and soothing, it can help:

  • Calm tired nerves
  • Reduce stress
  • Alleviate physical pain
  • Pacify the nervous system bringing about relaxation
  • Reduce fever
  • Cool and calm irritated or inflamed skin
  • Calm sunburn and ease sunstroke
  • Soothe muscle strains and sprains
  • Promote a calm focused mind
  • Cool a hot temper
  • Help to control high blood pressure
  • Enhance spiritual development spiritual development; intuition, inspiration, contemplation, patience and inner peace
  • Promote trust, faithfulness and stability
  • Is a natural appetite suppressant so is useful for overeating, comfort eating and weight control
  • Resonates with the throat chakra so is useful for any issues relating to the voice and glands
  • Encourages self expression and ease of sharing information with others
  • Excellent for calming nerves, clarity thoughts and expression for giving lectures, exams, interviews etc

*Recommended to use with Laser Red Reiki

Etheric Faery Spirit Wishing Stone

Founder: Raine Hilton

A Faery Spirit Wishing Stone has a single perfectly unbroken stripe all the way around the circumference of the rock. We are fortunate enough to live by the sea where we can easily find many of these stones. But for those who cannot easily find them with the help of the Faery I have channelled this simple attunement system so that you will have access to Etheric ones that you can work with.

For those of you who already have wishing stones or can easily access physical ones for yourself I will share a few ideas on how to empower and work with them.

Legend has it that if you find a rock with a white line all around it, you have found a Wishing Stone. If you trace your finger around the line while closing your eyes and making a wish, turn around three times and then throw the stone into the sea as far as you can or give it to another person, your wish will come true.

Learn 4 different ways to work with Faery Queen Morgan Le Fey this energy.

Red Laser Reiki

Founder: Raine Hilton
Pre-requisite: Reiki 2

This Reiki system is a very simple to use energy which specialises in targeting specific areas of the body in need of intense healing and rebalancing.  Laser Reiki has a great many uses and can be long term or short health issues.  Red is a wonderful healing colour to use to bring issues to the surface for recognition and treatment. It is a fiery passionate life affirming colour. Since red is the colour of blood, it is linked to the physical realm, our primal instincts and our sense of self-preservation and survival. Red promotes courage and security when you are struggling and it excellent for grounding and manifesting successful outcomes. Many healing energy vibrations such as shamanic, nature and Fey ones exist on the green colour spectrum which promotes growth, expansion and regeneration of energy, and this is wonderful when this type of vibration is needed. However, in some case the opposite applies. When working to reduce tumours or other growths red helps to reduce the size and limit the spread to other areas of the body. Whereas using green energies would encourage it to continue to grow and spread to other areas of the body. Use this energy to:

  • To soothe sore muscles and heal damaged tissue
  • To help lubricate joints and ease joint stiffness,
  • To help warm up joints before activity, or ease a muscle spasm
  • To ease the pain and discomfort of sciatica and some arthritic conditions and rheumatoid arthritis (please note some respond better to cooling energies)
  • To lift depressive moods (do not use if anxiety also is present)
  • For a short term energy boost
  • To dispel mental fatigue
  • Menstrual problems such as:
  • Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding)
  • Dysmenorrhea (painful cramps)
  • Endometriosis (a long-term condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes.)
  • To reduce the size and spread of growths and tumours

Heart & Mind Harmonisation

Founder: Raine Hilton

Are you experiencing an inner war between your heart and mind?

Is this inner conflict causing you sleepless nights, indecisions, missed chances and opportunities leading to self doubt, procrastination and self sabotage as each side weighs in against the other?

If so, you are far from alone. Our hearts wisdom flows from our higher self consciousness, it is the small inner voice which urges us to try again, to take a chance, to be brave and courageous. Our mind on the other hand, argues that to try again is useless, it will never work, and it is safer for things to remain as they are. This flow of information comes from our ego, from our frightened inner child, from our painful and humiliating experiences.

This energy system will bring harmonisation and balance to your heart and your mind. It will help you to take into consideration your past experiences without allowing them to limit your potential. You will be more open to the wisdom and guidance of your higher self so it will be easier for you to overcome any fears and hesitations blocking you from achieving your full potential

Jack Frost Protection Attunement

Founder: Philip Hilton

This energy calls on the protective assistance of a nature entity known to many from childhood as an annoying fairy tale villain. In fact Jack Frost is nothing of the kind, he is in fact a Fey nature spirit, he is however, a powerful ally to have and can be very protective of those who seek him out. By becoming attuned to him, you also appear on his energetic wavelength and the ability to call on him becomes available to you.

Having a protector during this time of year can be very fortuitous because of the way the elements are changed in nature’s forge. There hangs a certain harshness in wintertime which cannot be found in any of the others seasons.

Jack Frost is a personification of frost, ice, snow, sleet, winter, and freezing cold. He is a variant of Old Man Winter who is held responsible for frosty weather, nipping the fingers and toes in such weather, colouring the foliage in autumn, and leaving fern-like patterns on cold windows in winter.

Rainbow Lotus Deva Chakra Energy

Founder: Raine Hilton

The Lotus flower is regarded in as a symbol of purity, perfection, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. All of these qualities are relevant to our lives which is why the Lotus has become such a powerful spiritual symbol. The flower also blooms in the most unlikely of places such as the muddy river water in Australia or Southern Asia. Not only does it find sanctuary in the dirt, but due to the waxy protection layer on its petals, its beauty is unaffected when it re-blooms each morning. It continues to resurrect itself, coming back just as beautiful as it was last seen.

This is a beautiful metaphor for us because even though our auric field becomes sullied by negative energies from our self limiting and destructive thoughts, emotions and actions, and in our interactions with others, our soul remains untainted, perfect in every way. No matter what we have experienced there is always the opportunity to begin again, we only need to have faith in ourselves.

This energy helps us to see the best in ourselves and to want the best for our body. As with anything else, energy healing only plays one part in the healing process. A revision of current lifestyle; diet, exercise, habits, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, self belief and love and gratitude all have their part to play to ensure the smooth running of our body.

Divine Radiance Reiki £10

Founder: Raine Hilton

At soul level we are perfectly pure beings of light, however, once we incarnate our light becomes dulled by our life’s experiences. We carry these experiences as negative energy blockages which have formed from our repressions and restrictions, self limiting beliefs, shame, guilt, anger, resentment, regret, grief and scars which may be mental, emotional or physical. These become dark shadows that we try to deny, push away or hide deep within ourselves. It is these which take form as our Shadow Self.

Divine Radiance Reiki resonates with the light of your soul and will bring harmony and reconciliation to your whole self, reuniting any lost soul fragments of you so you can channel your inner strength whenever you need to. Its light will shine through your most stubborn defences and will open up your heart so that you can once again feel loved, valued and accepted. With this energy you will be able to more clearly see the lessons and gifts of even your most negative experiences and use this ability to help yourself and others.

As you once again become illuminated from within, you will become a guiding light for others. They will be drawn to your Inner radiance; you will find it easier to communicate with them at soul level. You will easily see their inner light and will coax it into radiance too as one candle flame ignites another candle. Life will flow more easily and you will begin to attract all of the things that are vibrating on your new higher vibrational frequency.

Father Christmas Empowerment

Founder: Philip Hilton

You can study folklore, research history or check Professor Google for answers, yet none will be truer than the tingle you will feel as you remember the childlike wonder of Christmas time and the spirit that came with it. Remember childlike is far removed from childish, which is acting like a child. Being childlike is to be open to wonders and magic, things so often scorned by supposed wise and sensible adults.

There are many assumptions concerning the subject of what constitutes Christmas Spirit. The figure of the wise old elf Father Christmas, Santa Clause, Kriss Kringle, The Wise Old Man and Saint Nicholas. These are names which have origins in different languages and yet each has the power to confer a certain magic at this time of year. It is all too easy to disregard most of these characters as childhood fancies, yet beneath the modern commercial sugar coating, there hides the truth.

The one we will be working with is an old energy and one with more than a little resemblance to that familiar figure of the woods and forests, The Green man. We will be tapping into this ancient energy as we work with the elusive man himself, Father Christmas. After your attunement enjoy a beautiful guided meditation to meet Father Christmas.

Special December offers with this attunement:

Spend £25 or more on any GVHT attunement and receive the Father Christmas Empowerment for only £7.99

Spend £50 or more on any GVHT attunement and receive the Father Christmas Empowerment for just £1

Angels of Kabbalah: Deep Cellular Healing

Founder: Raine Hilton

Your body houses an incredibly complex network of systems all working in harmony to provide you with the perfect human vehicle in which to express your soul’s experiences. Your body is far more than just its visible physical aspect; it is also a blend of your thoughts and emotions, life choices, social and family conditioning, personal habits and rituals.

When you choose life enhancing positive options you live within the range of the cellular blueprint for your incarnation and your body supports our choices. Your body knows how to heal. Healing is your natural state. Physical, mental and emotional disharmony can be a reflection of how the world (inner and outer) has been out of alignment. As a conscious life form you have the ability to heal and rebalance youself on a ‘cellular level’ by connecting to the Angels of Deep Cellular healing to assist and support your healing journey.

Deep Cellular Healing is the process by which healing of bodily ailments occurs by the release of suppressed memories and emotions so that cells regenerate normally. Tune into your original blueprint for this life time, call on the Angels of Kabbalah and initiate Deep Cellular Healing to rebuild your body to achieve its full potential so that will go on to support you for many more years to come.

Christmas Faery Spirit Energy

Founder: Raine Hilton

Faeries have become such an intrinsic part of the Spirit of Christmas. Many people include Faeries in their celebration of Christmas without consciously thinking about the special connection. Families place a Faery on top of the Christmas tree and then decorate it with Faery lights, often gathering around it before bed, reading Faery stories to their children. I know this is something we loved doing with our children when they were small, and not quite so small too!

But, Faeries are more than just a pretty decoration; they bring their very own special kind of magic. This magic you can feel when you sit quietly, enjoying the flickering lights, the bright baubles and the aroma of your Christmas scented candles, perhaps while snuggling up with a cosy blanket and sipping a hot chocolate. There is a sparkling in the air, a tingling of the senses, a return to the childlike excitement of looking forward to the big day.

This energy system captures perfectly this magical moment. It will help you to get in touch with your inner sense of wonder and openness to the Fey. It will draw family members closer together in the spirit of joy, even if they cannot be with you, you will feel their energy surrounding you. No matter what has happened throughout the year, now is a time of positivity, pure potential and gratitude for all the blessings in your life. It is your time to shine brightly and share the magic of Christmas with everyone.

Manual includes: Energy activation poem – Information about the Christmas Tree Faery – Working with this energy - Christmas Tree Faery Spirit Blessing - New Year Gratitude Greetings for your Family

Special December offers with this attunement:

Spend £25 or more on any GVHT attunement and receive the Christmas Faery Spirit Energy for only £7.99

Spend £50 or more on any GVHT attunement and receive the Christmas Faery Spirit Energy for just £1

Etheric Faery Stone Empowerment

Founder: Raine Hilton

Faery Stones have been used for protection, charms, and other forms of magick for generations. They were often hung on keys, doorways, over beds, or around the neck of a person or their animals to protect them from negativity and the influences of evil spirits. They can be used to open up a window to other realms. Ritually they can be used in weather magick for breaking up stormy weather.

The Element of water powerfully forms and at the same time protects the Faery Stone from adverse energies and enchantments. This makes it an ideal amulet to wear or work with. For those of you who are unable to find a Faery Stone you can simply work with this etheric version instead.

You will go on a guided meditation to the Faery realms as part of your attunement procedure and will be gifted an etheric Faery stone that you can work with during your meditations, rituals or spiritual work. You will be working with Faery Queen Morgan Ley Fey. Morgana is also known as the Faery of the Sea. With an open heart and mind and with her blessing you will be able to use your etheric Faery Stone in your spiritual work

Telepathy Reiki

Founder: Raine Hilton

This energy system when used with the exercises in the manual will help you to develop your natural Telepathic abilities. When you consider telepathy, you may imagine yourself having mystical powers and being able to communicate with others through the power of your mind as being something that is very difficult to achieve.

The truth of this is that we all can do it; it is a natural ability that is inherent in all of us.  You may find it unbelievable to know that you already do it without intending to do so, quite effortlessly. Your ability has been passed down from your ancient ancestors, when in such times this ability to connect with the collective consciousness kept everyone safe, alive, and was a way of sharing food sources and shelter as well as dangerous places to avoid.

Telepathy is the process of receiving psychic impressions from another person. How information is received varies according to the abilities of the sender and the receiver. You may be more clairvoyantly inclined so may hear the persons voice. Or you may sense them thinking about you, see an image of them in your mind, or smell their perfume and this will trigger a response within you. No matter your level or kind of ability this energy will help you to unlock your natural Telepathic gift.

Learn about: Telepathic activities - Telepathic links with others - Telepathy & animals - Telepathy & other realms - Telepathic awakening – Sending & receiving information - Working with the relevant Reiki symbols with this energy – Telepathic exercises and techniques to enhance your ability.

Security and Comfort Energy Shield £7.99

Founder: Raine Hilton

This is a simple yet highly effective energy system designed to give your child a sense of security and comfort while they are apart from you. This could be used for when they are sleeping or away at school or some other place that makes them feel insecure.

When a child forms a close attachment with specific toy or a blanket that they find distressing to be parted from, this energy can help to replace the feeling of comfort and security they derive from it. This attachment is part familiarity and part scent, but a bigger aspect is actually down to the empathic energetic build up they have created with it over time This is a particular resonance that symbolises their connection with their parent, or home, or other place they feel safe.

As a parent to 3 children I understand the powerful connection a child builds with their possessions and how much they complain once their beloved toy or blanket has been through the wash and doesn’t “feel the same anymore”. Or, even worse, if horror of horrors that item has been lost! This attunement system works by mimicking the same energetic vibrational resonance, allowing you to either form it as a shield or bubble around them or to program it into an existing toy, new one or other item.

Nixie Emotional Balance Attunement

Founder: Raine Hilton

Nixies are very in tune with the natural world that surrounds them making it easier for them to converse with wild animals. This also makes them an excellent choice to call on for any animal or pet healing. Their specialist intuitive abilities make it far easier for them to connect to other creatures as they exist on a compatible wavelength with them. The Nixies can also be of huge benefit to us, with their natural affinity to the intuitive gifts that water brings they encourage us to examine our own watery emotional state of being. Where there are blockages, or stale muddy water from negative emotions building up inside you they can help you to flush these away.

If you have problems getting in touch with this side of you they can help you to be more open and perceptive and to trust your natural psychic abilities.

If you struggle to cope with an overabundance of emotions you are experiencing they can help you to find a healthy balance.

If you are experiencing hormonal imbalances they can help you to navigate your way through them.

Nixies teach us to swim with the current of life, to dwell in the flow of synchronicity so that all that you need will appear when the time is right for it to do so.

Manual includes:

  • Information about Nixies
  • Working with Nixies for emotional healing
  • 10 steps to emotional wellbeing
  • Guided Meditation to meet and work with the Nixies
  • Working with this energy for pets and other creatures.

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