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New Attunements From Other Channellers For 2020

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New GVHT Attunements & Healing Therapy Sessions For 2020

Shinrin-yoku Rejuvenation Energy £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Shinrin-yoku emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a physiological and psychological exercise which translates as “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”. The purpose was twofold: to offer an eco-antidote to mental and emotional burnout especially for those who worked in high pressure careers in the city, and to inspire individuals to reconnect with and protect the country’s forests.

Forest bathing positively creates calming neuro-psychological effects through changes in the nervous system, reducing the stress hormone cortisol and boosting the immune system. Another beautiful thing about forest bathing is that it also attunes you to the energy of the land, making it easier to connect to and work with nature spirits which is at the heart of this beautiful energy system.

We will also be working with the Green Man. The Green Man symbolises the cycle of life, death and re-birth. The symbol of Godhood within the male and its relationship with the transcendent life force our Goddess, the female expression of divinity. The Green Man has many wonderful gifts to share with you and can expand your awareness beyond that which is normally seen by others.

Each type of tree has its own Oversoul Dryad. As you open up to the energy of the land your perceptions heighten and alter in such a way that you may see, hear or sense Fey around you.  Working with this energy in conjunction with a few simple techniques outlined in the manual will soon have you feel calm, relaxed, open and aware to the real beauty and energy of nature.

Blue Moon Sacred Feminine Energy

Founder: Raine Hilton

The moon itself is typically associated with women's mysteries, intuition, and the divine aspects of the sacred feminine. All things associated with the Goddess. Some modern magical traditions associate the Blue Moon with the growth of knowledge and wisdom within the phases of a woman's life.

The Divine Feminine is sacred, sensual and often beyond the realm of day to day living. It's something that can't be seen but rather experienced and felt. It's a healing force beyond the physical world. The Divine Feminine is also the positive expression of the feminine side of us that exists in both men and women.

Calling on the Goddess during a Blue Moon while channelling this energy system can greatly enhance your abilities when you are doing spirit communication, or while working on developing your own psychic abilities.

A Blue Moon is a full moon amplified. Its energy is expressive and dynamic, it builds on the energy of the Full Moon which it shares its month with. This means that anything you were working towards before the first moon will deliver results much more quickly.

Learn about:

  • Blue Moon Traditions and Ceremonies
  • Full Moon Associations
  • Blue Moon Energy
  • Drawing Down the Moon
  • Blue Moon Ritual

Hesperides Golden Apple Goddess Blessings

Founder: Raine Hilton

The Hesperides are the Greek goddess nymphs of evening and the golden light of sunsets. The Hesperides were entrusted with the care of the tree of the golden apples which was had been presented to the goddess Hera by Gaia on her wedding day. They were assisted by a hundred-headed guardian Dragon. The Garden of the Hesperides is Hera's orchard, where an apple grove grows, producing golden apples. The trees were planted from the fruited branches that Gaia gave to Hera as a wedding gift when Hera accepted Zeus.

The three nymphs and their glowing, golden apples were regarded as the source of the golden light of sunset. This phenomenon celebrated the union of Zeus and Hera, the king and queen of heaven. Their names are; Aegle: Sunlight or Radiance, Erythea: Red, and Hesperia: Evening.

This energy system connects you to Goddesses; Aegle, Erythea and Hesperia. You will be able to call on their wisdom and guidance each evening as the sun sets and casts its golden rays across the land. This is special time for meditation and magical workings as it is neither day nor night. It is a place of the in-between where the veil between our realm and theirs is at one of its thinnest points. In this sacred time and space you can work with these Goddesses where you will be gifted the knowledge and special gifts of the energy of the golden apples they carefully tend.

Manual Includes:

  • Hesperides Legends
  • Apple Symbolism & Folklore
  • Channelled Communication from the Hesperides
  • Guided Meditation to meet the Hesperides
  • Guided Meditation to Honour Gaia

Alfar Light Elves Empowerment £20

Founder: Raine Hlton

The Alfar, or Elves, are usually considered to be the height of humans or just above. The Light Elves are fair to look upon, and they live in Alfheim.  They can be seen at night dancing over meadows. The circles they leave are called älvdanser (elf dances). The Elven folk are often pictured as living in forests and other natural places or underground or in wells and springs.

The home of the light-elves is Alfheim “elvenhome”, which is ruled by the god Freyr. Freyr is a god who belongs to the Vanir tribe of deities. Freyr, also spelled Frey, also called Yngvi, in Norse mythology, is the ruler of peace and fertility, rain, and sunshine and the son of the sea god Njörd. Freyja and Freyr are twins, children of the sea god, Njord. His sister and female counterpart, Freyja, was goddess of love, fertility, battle, and death.

Connecting to the Elves will bring much light and fun into your life. However for those truly dedicated to their Fey work they will bring powerful and ancient wisdom and guidance into your life.  Learn about:

  • Light Elves (Ljosalfar)
  • Dark Elves (dökkálfar)
  • Elf Shot
  • Elves Protection Charm
  • Guided Meditation to call in your attunement and to work with them afterwards

Inner Warrior Empowerment

Founder: Raine Hilton

Do you ever find yourself missing out on important opportunities?

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere or try something new but your fear held you back?

Are you trapped in a situation, relationship or job you are eager to escape from?

Do you wonder if you have what it takes to enable you to be strong and courageous and have unshakable self belief in order to achieve your dreams?

Perhaps you feel as if you don’t have the time or energy, or it would never happen anyway.

We often find ourselves living out our lives in the same way as our parents or friends even though we secretly yearn to do something different, something new, bold or daring. Even if you have obligations and others are reliant on you, there is still time to nurture your dreams too.

It takes real strength and motivation to put your goals into action, to stand up for what you believe in and to make huge life changes. But, only you can do it. Your life doesn’t have to be the way it is. By putting some simple strategies to work along with this easy to use energy system you can easily empower your inner warrior and make your dreams a reality.

Freyr Initiation: Inner Peace & Prosperity £20
Founders: Raine & Philip Hilton

Freyr, of the Vanir tribe, is a Norse god of peace and prosperity. Among other things, he is associated with male virility, sunshine, and fair weather. Freyr is worshiped across Scandinavia where he is celebrated at weddings and harvest feasts. Freyr is famous for his accoutrements, which include a magical ship, a golden boar, and sword that fights on its own. Along with his twin sister Freya, Freyr was among the most prominent of Vanir deities. By working with Freyr we can bring two important gifts into our life. When we are filled with inner peace we are more focused on what is truly important to us and in this receptive state we can set our intentions for what will bring us joy and enrich our lives and those around us.

Discover the quickest and easiest way of achieving a peaceful inner state and from here access your natural connection to prosperity and abundance. Prosperity may mean to you having the ability to do what you want without financial limitations - and yet it’s much more too.  It’s about feeling grateful for what we have in our life – every day. Prosperity is a type of freedom. It’s a way of living – an internal mindset. But it’s much more than financial prosperity.  It is feeling prosperous in all parts of our life.

Learn about:

  • Achieving Inner Peace and the Prosperity Mindset
  • Freyr’s History
  • Channelled Communication by Freyr
  • Ritual to connect and work with Freyr
  • Choosing your Creature Totem Guide

Ascension Alignment & Harmonisation

Founder: Raine Hilton

We are experiencing an ever increasing amount of energy shifts as the universal vibrational energy interacts with our personal energy fields to bring us all into alignment lifting us up from our third dimensional level of existence here on Earth.   As part of your spiritual awakening you may have experienced quite a few Ascension Symptoms as your body (mental, emotional and physical aspects) release negative energy blockages and cycles of behaviour, out of date karmic patterns and agreements.

Ascension symptoms such as: waking at the same time each night, unusual aches and pains, experiencing shaking or vibratory sensation while meditating or sleeping, feeling ungrounded or not fully in your body, loss of identity, heightened sensitivities to environment or diet, feeling out of place, extreme fatigue, weight issues, emotional or mental issues, wanting to “go home”, depression, anxiety, unusually vivid or violent dreams.

These kinds of imbalances can cause all manner of problems as you adjust to a new state of consciousness, especially for those who are navigating their way through human incarnations from other star systems and realms of existence. This energy system will allow you to more easily calibrate and integrate energy shifts, lunar and solar cycles, eclipses and flares and planetary alignments. This will allow to absorb higher vibrational streams of consciousness and to be able to tune-in and develop your unique spiritual gifts and abilities.

Learn about:

  • Ascension Symptoms
  • The Empathic Response
  • Self–care Guide
  • Working with this energy for yourself and your clients

Seeking Perfection- Kuan Yin & Buddha

Founder: Raine Hilton

This is the ninth attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

As spiritual seekers we are led to believe that we should be in a constant search for perfection; in our personal and professional lives, and especially our spiritual path. However, as Buddha taught us, seeking perfection should not be an arduous all consuming task which makes us deny the things we enjoy, separating us from our loved ones, or being forced to live a self imposed ascetic style of life. Buddha teaches us that seeking perfection should be a joyful journey of discovery.

Kuan Yin teaches, love and compassion for the self and for all. She urges us to accept and respect ourselves and others just as we are. We also cannot force our spiritual awakening before it is the right time. The Lotus flower is regarded in many different cultures, especially in eastern religions, as a symbol of purity, perfection, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. All of these qualities are relevant to our lives which is why the Lotus has become such a powerful spiritual symbol.

It is with the Lotus Essence we will be working with for this energy system with Buddha and Quan Yin. They will bestow upon you the blessing of the Lotus Blossom to support you in your life journey. It is their deepest desire that you do not see your spiritual path and your mundane life as two separate journeys. They urge each of us to walk the path of beauty and enlightenment when going about our everyday lives. The Lotus Blossom encourages us not to focus on everything being perfect but instead to see the perfection in all things and all beings just as they are.

Learn about:

  • Ascended Master Kuan Yin
  • Ascended Master Buddha
  • Seeking perfection in an imperfect world
  • Lotus flower gifts and properties
  • Lotus Colours Symbolism
  • Healing guided meditation journey with the Sacred Lotus
  • Channelled communication and activation by Kuan Yin and Buddha
  • Working with this energy

Vision Quest Empowerment

Founder: Philip Hilton

There are many reasons for taking a Vision Quest journey; these might include some of the following.

  • To gain courage for a difficult ordeal such as Native Americans might do before participating in a Sun Dance ritual
  • To seek favour from the spirits in regard to ill health of a loved one or self
  • To find direction in one’s life
  • To give thanks for gifts already received

Guardian spirits encountered during vision quests are understood as “sacred messengers”; communicators and symbols of divine power. A vision provides an undisputed feeling of truth for the perceiver; therefore they must follow the directions given to them. A successful vision seeker gains both direction and power for life.

The Vision Quest is a journey into the realm of spirit or of the divine. These realms are endless and you will find yourself drawn to that which is most correct for your needs at that particular time of journey. This system will align you with the energy vibration required by following the guided meditation in the manual to connect with your guides and sacred messengers.

Orchid Essence Blessings £7.99

Founder: Raine Hilton

Orchids have enchanted us with their exotic beauty magical and healing properties throughout history all around the world. Working with Orchid Essence energy will bring great blessings into your life.

Orchids are also believed to bring good luck and prosperity and they are a classical feng shui symbol of fertility. Orchids are regarded as emblems of integrity, elegance and friendship. In Chinese culture the orchid symbolises love and beauty and can be a symbol of a married couple.

The orchid has medicinal applications as well. In China, the orchid has been cultivated for thousands of years, and is used as a natural remedy for coughs, diseases of the kidney, lung, stomach and eye.

Each colour Orchid holds powerful symbolism and healing gifts for your particular stage in life. The Orchid Flower Deva will guide you towards which Orchid Flower Essence you are most in need of at this time.

Hummingbird Ray of Hope

Founder: Raine Hilton

Hummingbirds symbolise the miracle and joy of living, they bring hope and light even on the darkest of days. They appear so delicate and yet are incredibly resilient. Their energy encourages you to dig deeply within yourself, to find the strength, courage and endurance you need so you don't burn yourself out. In times of overwhelming uncertainty and struggle, it’s natural to feel discouraged. But having hope and doing your best to stay positive can see you through seemingly impossible situations.

Hummingbirds teach us the ability to self heal by enhancing our self awareness with the ability to move and act accordingly. Hummingbird shows us how to accomplish what seems impossible and how to bring the miracle of joy back into our life.

Do you need to bring more colour and vivaciousness into your life?

Are you extracting the joy throughout your day?

Hummingbird reminds us to find that happiness in all things.

Lucid Dreaming Recall Energy £25

Founder: Raine Hilton

Throughout history the importance of dreams and their meanings has been a source of intrigue. We only have to remember how in the Bible Daniel’s prophetic dreams were so powerful that they influenced the decisions of kings.

This energy when used with a few simple suggestions will help you to enhance your natural psychic abilities by taking an active part in your dreams, and to recall what happened on awakening. This energy will also act as a shield allowing you to enter through a protective portal of light while you are dreaming to prevent negative energy attacks and “dream hacking”.

In this state of open awareness you will be able to achieve specific tasks you have set for yourself, or journey to anywhere in the universe. You will be able to more easily recall meeting up with your Spiritual Guide or other deities which work with you during dream time allowing you to put into action their wisdom and guidance on awakening.

Dreams can appear as if you were watching a movie of something unfolding, sometimes you may be a part of it, or you may be just observing from a distance. Other times you may see symbolic imagery which will need deeper interpretation.

Learn about:

  • Your sleep cycle
  • Definition of lucid dreaming
  • Step by step guide to planning your lucid dream

Sexual Energy Signature Removal

Founder: Raine Hilton

Sexual energy signatures are created from the most intimate types of bonding between two lovers. Sexual Energy Signature Removal releases you from the energetic imprints that are held within your auric field. These imprints from your previous partners may continue to influence your behaviour patterns, beliefs and expectations in present and future relationships.  

  • The first wave of energy will lift away the negative sexual imprints.
  • The second wave will deeply cleanse your auric field and bring you any healing and rebalancing you need.

Subconsciously you never forget how you were influenced by any sexual encounter, even if consciously you have buried the memory. Entering a sexual relationship is the most open and receptive you can be, even if the encounter is short-lived and you tell yourself it meant nothing.  It may have meant nothing to your heart but to your etheric body it has been firmly recorded. Your aura remembers every word and every touch you experience. Even after a relationship ends if these energy imprints are not removed:

  • You may find it difficult to get over the break-up of your relationship
  • You may be drawn to reuniting with your ex even though you know it is not a healthy relationship for you to be in.
  • Find yourself drawn to the same kind of person
  • Recreate certain negative behavioural patterns within your new relationship
  • Expect your new partner to treat you or behave in the same way as your ex

Even when you have ended a relationship on equal and happy terms it is still advised to run this energy so that you can begin your new life with a clean slate whether you are planning to go into a new relationship right away or not.


Angel Feather Messenger Energy £20

Founder: Raine Hilton

Angels communicate with us in many different ways, but a popular and timeless way is to send us feathers to let us know that our prayers, wishes and intentions have been heard and that answers, guidance and healing is coming to us. Some may be fortunate enough o be gifted an actual Angel feather while others will receive one through an Angel Messenger. Many see birds as the messengers of Angels, and that the beautiful multi-coloured feathers they gift us just when we need them as signs of divine guidance or healing. This alerts us to be open and receptive to the next message which comes through for us.

Angel Messenger Feathers may come in a range of colours, not only because of the particular bird they were gifted from, but also because the colour holds a particular meaning for us. Those who have studied colour therapy know the vibrational power of individual colours and the affect they have on our health and wellbeing and how we present ourselves to the world. With this energy you will connect deeply to the messages of the feathers that are gifted to you, and as you are more open to the flow of synchronicity you will attract more to you just when you are in need of guidance.

Magnetic Abundance Ray

Founder: Raine Hilton

Have you set your intentions, done your inner clearing and healing work but are still wondering why your dreams aren’t manifesting?

This is not unusual and happens to everyone from time to time. Hitting a block on your path is an important mile marker on any journey and a sign that you’ve reached a place within you, sometimes and energy block, other times a particularly negative mindset or emotional state, which you need to investigate more deeply. So often we have blocks about allowing ourselves to have, receive and earn money, as if money is a bad thing. What if you were to allow yourself to receive so much that you could help many people with your generosity? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

Money gives freedom, choice and opportunity. Money is energy. There’s no reason why you can’t allow the universe to bring more of that energy into your life so you and all those around you can benefit.  So why not raise your vibration to allow the universe to send you unlimited abundance. By working with this energy and following the three step process you will become a magnet for abundance in all its forms. Just be mindful that you focus on what you actually want and not on what you don’t want to attract!

Angel Alchemy

Founder: Raine Hilton

Alchemy is an ancient tradition practiced throughout the world since ancient times. Alchemists attempted to purify, mature, and perfect certain materials. Common aims were chrysopoeia, the transmutation of "base metals" (lead) into "noble metals" (gold); and the creation of an elixir of immortality; the creation of panaceas able to cure any disease. You may ask yourself what role alchemy has in your life. Alchemy is simply the study and application of particular techniques to achieve transformation. We can use this principle as a metaphor for our own spiritual exploration, growth and ultimate transformation.

We all carry scars of negativity within us and even upon us. We have all experienced illnesses and imbalances, tragedies and grief that we can transform into lessons of light that will illuminate our way and improve our health and well being.  We may carry these physical or psychological scars as pain or discomfort or imbalances within our body, or as anxiety, stress, depression, anger, frustration, grief, shame, envy, or fear.

The Angels are on hand to help us to make this change, to support us through this process of alchemy until we are filled with the golden light of their radiance. This system will help you by giving you the Angelic assistance needed to find the courage to embrace all that you are, the hurt, angry, pained and fearful parts of you. Angels never judge us, they see all as it is and welcome it all because it is all valuable human experience that is needed for the soul’s growth. Angels inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves by the alchemy expressed through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Iolite Intuition Enhancer

Founder: Raine Hilton

Iolite Intuition Enhancer is a wonderful energy to work with if you often feel distracted, disorganised or disoriented. It stimulates your Third Eye chakra and helps you gain a clearer perspective of what your future vision is, the course you're on and spark your imagination for how you can make things easier on yourself.  It’s also known as the “Water Sapphire”, or the “Stone of the Muses”, because of its ability to unlock visions and unleash creativity and because of it's beautiful indigo blue colour, however, it's not Sapphire, it is actually Cordierite.

It's also called "Viking Stone" or "Viking's Compass" because it is said to have been used in very thin sheets to make lenses that the Vikings used to chart their course on the rough night seas and as filters to help locate the sun on cloudy days. Its deep blue colour reminds you of a beautiful night sky. Iolite is used by shamans to enhance their ability to have clear visions. It can activate your psychic gifts and help you connect with your Guides. It’s an energy that will be very beneficial for you especially if you are finding it a challenge to find or follow your spiritual path. Iolite energy helps you to see the path that you are on and the path that you should be on.

Eyebright Clarity Essence

Founder: Raine Hilton

Eyebright has traditionally been used to treat all manner of eye maladies including; inflammation, conjunctivitis, red-eye, styes, itchy eyes, stinging eyes and weak vision. Not only will it provide relief and reduce any inflammation, it’s incredibly relaxing for your eyes to defocus after being on high alert all day long. With this energy system we will be working with the Etheric essence of this plant by connecting to the Eyebright Faery Deva who will aid the healing process at a deep cellular level.

In ancient folklore you would carry Eyebright flowers if you wanted to enhance your psychic powers or to know if someone was telling the truth. Folk names attached to these wild flowers are, "Christ's Eyes" and "Christ's Sight". Eyebright not only works on the health aspect of your eyes but also opens up your perceptions and natural intuitive abilities. Eyebright is a Faery Flower which will align you to the Fey Realms, helping those who are receptive to see them clairvoyantly and sometimes even physically.

Copper Essence Pain Flush £7.99

Founder: Raine Hilton

Copper has long been known as an important healing tool for those who suffer pain; this makes it a perfect energy essence to work with for healing ourselves and others. There are inscriptions and several recorded versions of the usage of copper in this regard from early civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians. Copper can be used to stabilise and to balance the flow of blood within the body; helping to adjust circulatory functions. It can be helpful in healing wounds and to fight bacterial infections. Naturally, it is useful in the treatment of arthritis, bursitis, and rheumatism, and to stimulate the metabolic processes.

Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and to transmit energy. Known as an energy conductor copper can move energy, amplify thoughts, assist in channelling and communicating with higher dimensional beings. Copper has the ability to ground and transfer a wide array of vibrational frequencies from the spiritual to the physical. Copper is known to support healing by keeping the pathways for healing open.

Larimar Gateway to Atlantis

Founder: Raine Hilton

Atlantis: the legendary island that sank beneath the waves in the distant past, taking down with it an advanced civilization. Many ask if it is possible that we will ever find it. Perhaps not physically as even after many explorations there is still controversy. Personally, and through information I have received, I believe that it shifted vibrationally into a higher dimension so although it still exists exactly where it was, we can only visit it in our meditations and by connecting to these wise beings through crystals which hold records of their experiences and wisdom.

Edgar Cayce predicted that on one of the Caribbean islands, the remnants of Atlantis, a blue stone of Atlantean origin would be found with extraordinary healing attributes. In 1974, Larimar was found in the Dominican Republic. The appearance of Larimar coincides with the emergence of esoteric knowledge about Atlantis. Many healers recognise and use Larimar to assist and reinforce the healing process, and access the lost knowledge of Atlantis. Larimar is a stone for Earth healing.  It represents peace and clarity, emitting an energy of healing and love.  It has been used to stimulate the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras, facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation.

It helps one to “see” the self from outside of the realm of personal reality, inspiring and encouraging one toward improvement in the actualisation of one’s realities on the spiritual and physical planes.  It can also be used to bring healing to the environment. Larimar brings the tranquillity of water/sea and air to heart and mind. Soothes and uplifts hurt, fear, depression, with love. Larimar aids communication in relationships, while healing negative karma between soul mates and lovers. 

Coyote Spirit Empowerment 

Founder: Philip Hilton

Coyote’s energy gives an understanding of the dual fact that everything is sacred and yet also nothing is sacred. The coyote refuses to wear a mask, because only when we lose our masks can we truly connect with divinity. The magic of coyote is the trust everything and trust nothing way of teaching lessons veiled in games and often foolishness. Coyote helps us to see through our assumptions and ego-driven behaviours, behaviours which only serve to hold us back from our true potential. With this energy we can re-remember what it was like to be a child and to trust in truth and honesty without the trappings of adult insecurities.

When we call coyote to work with us, we are given the ultimate ability to really get our act together. Coyote invites us to drop our act and find our true focus in a perfect balance between the fool and wise one. With this energy we can see through the years of built-up behaviours which we have used as a way to shield ourselves from the world. Coyote offers us the sweet taste of true freedom and the knowledge of really understanding who we are at our very core.

Mirror Shield Protection Attunement £7.99

Founder: Philip Hilton

The mirror as a shield is a powerful form of defence against negativity. Putting up or placing spiritual shields has long been a technique used for protection against both negative influences, as well as negative attacks.  Using a shield as defence works very well, however, adding a mirror to the process more than doubles its effectiveness. When a mirror shield is used it will reflect back anything used against you. This is perfect should anyone be sending negative energy your way, something which is far more common than most people ever imagine.

On top of this aimed attack is the careless sending of negative energy by random acts of anger, jealousy, annoyance and hatred. When a person gossips about another they are in effect cursing them. Whatever energy we give out has to go somewhere and if it is directed at a source then it must surely find its mark. Mirror Shield Protection attunement energy will help you to prevent negative attacks while helping your auric field to self-heal.


Pixie Whimsy Empowerment £7.99

Founder: Raine Hilton

Pixies are tiny, magical creatures that love to sing and dance and shower blessings across the countryside. They appeal in particular to children as they share a similar childlike appearance and attributes. They encourage humans young and old to look at the world through their eyes, to see the beauty around them and to look on the lighter side of life.

They encourage us not to take ourselves too seriously either and will often see it as their sacred duty to remind us of that by playing occasional pranks on travellers and those who call on them. They bring fun and laughter into our life and help us to see that by viewing life through magical eyes we can be open to a world full of opportunities and possibilities.

Pixies may be small, but they are rich in magical power. They often use their powers to bring a smile to the face of a human friend


Wolf Spirit Empowerment £7.99

Founder: Raine Hilton

The Wolf is the epitome of the wild spirit.

They are known for their strength both physically as well as spiritually. They are friendly and their family pack is important to them. But they also know the value of when they need to act as the Lone Wolf. They teach us this valuable lesson too.

They are sociable, intelligent, and ritualistic in nature. They embody balance and flexibility to establish harmony and order in life. For us, they symbolise new paths and journeys, freedom to move within the realms of insights and attachments. They teach us able to be steadfast in our ways, and are highly protective of those they work with.


Back to School Crystal Support £20

Founder: Raine Hilton

School is a big part of life, so it’s important to feel happy there. If your child is scared or anxious about going back to school, there are things you can help them with to make it better. It doesn’t matter if this is their very first day at school or if they are beginning back in their final year, change of any kind can be daunting. Most schools around the world have been closed because of COVID-19. Your child might be happy when they find out they can go back to school, or they might not. However they’re feeling, it’s natural to be worried about:

  • What the school will be like when they go back
  • Catching up with work and preparing for exams
  • Seeing friends again or being bullied
  • Starting a new routine, or coping away from home
  • Keeping safe and following social distancing.
  • They might also be worried about problems at home.

Although we all have to adjust to a new way of living and this includes school life we can ease this transition by working with crystalline energies designed to target key problem areas and worries. The goal of this energy system is to look at 6 Key areas of your child’s wellbeing at school. To do this we will be working with 6 corresponding crystal energies which will gently flow through their energy system helping them to adjust to their new school day, these are:

Moonstone: The crystal of new beginnings, helping to accept change to their daily routine.

Rose Quartz: This crystal alleviates any feelings of abandonment, promotes new friendships and brings them a feeling of safety and comfort while they are away from you

Fluorite: This crystal improves awareness, concentration levels and absorption of new concepts and information

Amethyst: This crystal reduces fear and anxiety and improves their natural intuition as to what is or isn’t in their best interest.

Carnelian: This crystal aids mental efficiency and the ability to learn, it also works to calm the “butterflies in the tummy” first day back feeling

Obsidian: This crystal provides powerful protection against unwanted negative attention.

Autumn Home Cleanse £15

Founder: Philip Hilton

Autumn is a time of magic and wonder. It’s a time when the nights begin to draw in and the leaves begin to fall. Days grow colder and the world takes on a different appearance. The lighter nights of summer quickly fade and give way to darker ones filled with promise. As the leaves turn and with their turning the trees begin to take on a multitude of myriad colours, shades and hues. Autumn is the time of home fires, hot chocolate and Halloween; a time of mysteries and dark intrigue. Sweater season is upon us and we love snuggling under thick soft blankets almost as much as walks in the park kicking our way through piles of newly fallen leaves. This season is a perfect one to take a pause and look at our lives and try and ease off a little.

Energetically it is also the time of year when the veils between the realms grow thinner, culminating in their thinnest time that of Halloween, the night when it is the easiest time for the living to make contact with the dead. Traditionally, it is a special time for people to look back at the past and to remember ancestors, and loved ones who have passed on. The last Celtic Feast day of the year is Lughnasa, the harvest festival named after the Celtic God Lugh. God of the sun, light and harvests, Lugh was a great warrior. According to the Ulster Cycle he fathered the legendary Cú Chulainn and is linked to a number of sites in Ireland.

Plant Deva Energy Boost

Founder: Raine Hilton

Faeries that are responsible for the welfare and nurturing of plants are known as Devas or Plant Spirits. They are tiny winged spirits, which care for each and every flower and plant on Earth. We can tune into the character of each plant to use for healing or ritual work, with the Plant Deva acting as the Medium for the energy connection. In our case we will be working with a select few Plant Deva energies that will help to boost your mental and emotional wellbeing. Plant Devas can also greatly improve the quality of the energy in your home.

When we connect to the energies of the plants we care for, we may find ourselves suddenly thinking about watering them, re-potting them, moving them out of the sun, or feeding them. These little messages come from the Plant Devas. They can only do so much to help the plant when it is not growing in its natural environment; the rest is down to us. Those gardeners which are known for having “green fingers” communicate with the Plant Devas naturally, many unaware they are doing so. We can actively improve our connection with Plant Devas by providing them with a harmonious area to live.

You will be attuned to and receive a message from each of these Plant Devas:

Peace Lilly, Cactus, Bamboo, Chinese Money Plant, Morning Glory, Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, Jasmine and Lavender

Courage & Vision of the Griffin

Founder: Raine Hilton

There were many different kinds of magical creatures that are hybrids or composite of two or more animals. As well as bearing the physical features of the actual animal they also carried the characteristics such as boldness, speed, and grace. A magical beast that was a combination of two or more different animals would possess the combined attributes and strengths of all those animals. Furthermore, they became symbols representing the Griffins virtues and attributes, which when expressed to those who possess certain knowledge bring greater meaning.

The Griffin is hailed as “the king of all creatures,” and it is has the right personality for its title: noble, fearsome, and above all else, protective. It will fight to the death to keep evil and corruption out of its territory. In some cases, the Griffin’s “territory” might be a precious object, or even a living creature, rather than a piece of land. They are well-known for guarding treasures, sacred sites, and royal families. Their loyalty can also be seen in their mating habits; they choose only one mate for their whole lives, and if that mate dies, they spend the rest of their days alone.

When we look at working with the Griffin as a Power Animal, we must be totally focused on what it is we are asking for. They are highly logical intelligent beings and do not suffer fools gladly. They will not become embroiled in petty squabbles or for vengeful purposes. These noble creatures only work for the light, the greater good of all. They will be a powerful protector for you and instil courage and strength to help you face whatever battles are ahead of you. They work with whatever is already within you, like watering a seed and nurturing it as it grows. Your goal is to create fertile ground within you for this to happen. Learn about:

  • Lion & Eagle magical properties
  • Griffin Attributes & History
  • Working with the Griffin
  • Griffin Journey of Transformation

The Heart of Glastonbury Attunement

By Philip Hilton

Part of the Avalon GVHT Attunement Series

Welcome to this the first part of the Heart of Glastonbury series. With this series of attunements you will journey using three main streams of energy, taking in the differing paths to be found at this most spiritual of destinations. For here we will meet and work with the Arthurian stream, The Celtic Christian stream and the Faery stream, but first we will meet Glastonbury as a cohesive whole in this part one.

The most well-known legends of Glastonbury revolve around the romantic figures of Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur. The town has been identified with the mysterious Isle of Avalon since the 12th century. The Arthur legend is one of Britain’s most famous legends, with more than 100 sites across the country claiming links with him and his knights. Learn about:

  • The Glastonbury Thorn
  • Glastonbury Tor
  • Chalice Well
  • A guided meditation to help align yourself with The Heart of Glastonbury

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