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New Attunements From Other Channellers For 2020

 Journey of the Albatross Empowerment    Labradorite Sphere Attunement   
Moon Goddess Diana Empowerment   Sacred Etheric Smudge Essence

New GVHT Attunements & Healing Therapy Sessions For 2020

Wolf Shadow Protection  £10

Founder: Philip Hilton

Wolf energy is protective energy and, as such works for a variety of safety and wellbeing issues. Wolves have long been known as creatures with strict family values and are powerful wisdom teachers. The fact that they also happen to be fiercely loyal and, strongly protective of those they are close to also comes as no surprise.

Wolf Shadow Protection energy is perfect not just personal protection, but, also for property and home protection as well. This energy system comes from Italian Witchcraft or Stregheria to give it its correct name.

The energy works when coupled with the wolf shadow as a deterrent to any who would ill-wish you. I will also point out that this system also ‘Harms None’, as I am aware that for many this is a very important point. This energetic protective system deters and confuses, much in the same way as a Glamour spell work, in that it doesn’t really change things, rather, it alters the appearance from another’s perspective, leading them to a different viewpoint to the one they would have had had they not been exposed to this kind of spiritual technology.

Snowflake Inner Reflection Attunement With Faery Snow Queen Holda 

Founder: Raine Hilton

As we all know, Snowflakes are unique, no two are ever formed the same way. The same can be said for each of us. How often do you feel swallowed up in a crowd as if you are invisible? How often are you pressured to confirm to agreed stereotypes so that you fit in with everyone else while your deepest needs go unmet?

From childhood we are conditioned to wear what our friends wear, programmed to play the same games, enticed to eat the same food and be interested in the same television and music personalities. Media hype and commercialism fuels this peer pressure propaganda until we feel we would be ostracised for not following the herd. In doing so we lose our sense of self identity and our unique voice. Perhaps you have struggled with unleashing your unique sense of creativity because of being restricted in this way.

We know we are all part of one living consciousness and yes, this is true, but we are also on this earth to discover and express every facet of human experience open to us. If everyone conformed to the standard model new discoveries would never be made, boundaries would never be pushed, and glass ceilings would never be shattered.

Our Soul Path is unique like the Snowflake, we each incarnate at different stages of our soul’s development, with our own set of memories, experiences and karma to work through. We have different challenges and goals so although we can share our experiences with others, ultimately their own experiences will be different and that is good and as it should be.

Working with Faery Snow Queen Holda, this energy will help you:

  • To make a deep and loving commitment to be true to yourself,
  • To listen to your soul and to allow it self-expression in a way that is best for you.
  • To stand still and pause for a while to catch your breath in a world that seems to be permanently on fast forward

Pegasus’s Sacred Spring of Inspiration Attunement 

Founder: Raine Hilton

Are you struggling to find inspiration in your daily life?

Do you feel blocked and are unable to express your creative flow?

Have you lost the sense of childlike magic and wonder in how you view the world?

Do your dreams or goals fail to manifest, or never progress beyond the planning stage?

Working with this sacred being will inspire you to tap into your natural abilities so you can channel and express your creative flow. You will then feel confident enough to release any blockages or inhibitions preventing you from being your very best. Pegasus will gently remind you to see the world through a child’s eyes but with mature awareness and a discerning eye. He will open you up to new possibilities and directions in life that are In-line with your Soul Path.

Pegasus is a beautiful being of love and light we can connect to and work with in our daily spiritual practices. As he flies through the air and lands just where he is called his unique energy force connects us powerfully to the elements of Air and Earth. These elements bring us inspiration and also the ability to manifest our goals through his connection to the Muses.

This attunement will strengthen your connection to the Faery Realm and enhance any other Fey based system you are currently working with. Learn about:

  • Pegasus Early years
  • Pegasus & The Muses
  • Pegasus Symbolism & Dreams
  • Working with Pegasus
  • Pegasus Guided Meditation


 2019 GVHT Distance Attunements

Psychic Protection

Attunement Lineage: Cleanse, Filter & Protection 
Dysfunctional Family Cleanse & Protection

Energy Signature Protection

Energy Vampire Removal & Protection
Magical Mugwort Psychic Protection 
Travellers Protection

Ultimate Sleep Care Auric Field Protection 
White Sage Sacred Space Protection

Angelic Series

Angelic Crystal Light Code Activation
Angel Guide Blessing Attunement

Angelic Mandala Orb Programming Attunement

Ascended Masters

Inner Child Healing & Integration Attunement–Mother Mary
Transmuting Self-Sabotaging Behaviour - St Germain

Crystal and Flush Energies

Fresh Start Crystalline Flush 

Celestial and Starseed Energies


Crystal Energies of Atlantis Healing System

World Of Faery Systems

9 Sacred Faery Woods Initiation
Morgan Le Fey Charm Casting Empowerment

Unicorn Higher Awareness Attunement

Lifestyle Care

Anxiety Care Attunement
Dental Care Attunement 


Shamanic Energies

Dolphin Emotional Release Attunement
Gaia Grounding Energy

Other New GVHT Healing Therapy Guidance Sessions 

Angelic Guide Blessing & Light Encoding Session 
with Raine

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Dolphin Emotional Release Healing Session with Raine  £25

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Faery Earth-Walk Session with Raine

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Feng Shui Session with Phil
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