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As many of you know over the years Phil and I have been blessed with channelling many beautiful, powerful, and truly extraordinary energy systems to share with you all. We have been overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback we have received from you. I am excited to share a few of the systems that have helped to shape my spiritual path over the years from other channellers.

On this dedicated page, I would like to honour and share with you a selection of wonderful energy systems which I have enjoyed in my formative years from some talented energy workers. I hope you love them too. Each month I will offer a new selection of systems at just £10 each.

Please quote this offer when making your booking.


With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:
One in-depth guide to the system
One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!

You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment

One emailed certificate

Your lineage
When you have made your choice from the attunements/empowerments listed below please email me for a PayPal invoice

Guest Star Systems For April

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Orgone Diffuser Reiki  WAS £15 NOW £10 Founder: Stewart Farquharson. A student of Freud named Wilhelm Reich took the idea of the sexual force that Freud named libido and said it was part of the natural energy of all living things. He called this orgone. Freud had said that freeing people from repressive beliefs and memories over sex would also make them healthier. So Reich thought generating more orgone would do the same. He proposed the idea that organic materials; wood and wax collected orgone energy from the cosmos, and metals radiated it. He built a chamber using layers of wood and metal in a sort of sandwich. His subjects would sit inside the box to see how they felt. Many people felt better. Reich had noticed that not all locations collected “healthy” orgone some were downright harmful. An American in the 1990s invented the idea of including a quartz crystal – with a point – in the cabinet to transform any “bad” energy into “good” energy. He made this into a mold and added a thick layer of metal shavings, with a crystal, and poured liquid clear resin over the whole thing to harden. He called this “orgonite.”

No matter how energy is generated, a Reiki master can sense it and use it for healing and relaxation. Orgone is available to give our practice a boost and to help our chakra meditations, etc. Some scientists claim that our solar system is now moving through a cloud of dust in our galaxy which will provoke more cosmic rays from our sun. Some call this doughnut-shaped area the Photon Belt. It’s considered to be both a challenge to our world, since our weather may become more violent and our electrical grid system more disturbed, and a blessing as it works to revolutionize our spiritual development. Orgone Diffuser Reiki as well as Orgonite devices are said to protect during such a time. This manual includes simple instructions on how to build your own mini generator.


The Orgone Tachyon Fusion Orb £10 Founder:  Pamela Caddy. The Orgone Tachyon Fusion Orb is a divine healing tool that we may work with in many positive ways to assist in transmuting all forms of lower energies.  Orgone and Tachyon Energy are natural life force energies that exist around us. This is not the same life force as Reiki healing but is energy that works on amplifying, manifesting divine alchemy, and transmutation. The combination of the orgone and tachyon energy tends to bring an overall balance to the healing. The Orgone Energy is more creative and feminine and Tachyon has a more forceful and strong masculine feel to it.

How the Orgone Tachyon Fusion Orb works: When you call upon the Orgone Tachyon orb it will present itself to you in the most perfect way for your healing or the healing of the situation that you have asked. When called upon to heal your being, you most commonly first will feel an orb around you, this will be the orgone life force energy cleansing and purifying your aura on every level, raising your vibration and giving you protection. You then may sense a cylinder of light that flows in the centre of the orb and encompasses closely around your physical body. The cylinder of light strongly contains the tachyon energy that is helping to deeply clear your chakra system, and physical body and helping your chi energy to flow naturally around your body. The orgone tachyon orb is overseen by the Community of Ascended Masters and so you will also have the deep support and assistance of the Ascended Master Community which is very vast in number. You may be familiar with the presence of some of the Ascended Masters that come forward to help you with the orgone tachyon fusion orb or may be introduced to new Ascended Masters. Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the energy for yourself and others. You will also be able to pass this attunement on to others.

Replenishing Shakti  WAS £15 NOW £10 Founder: Mariah Windsong. Replenishing Shakti arrives to you from the Eternal Sacred Source after meeting with your soul and higher self. This is perfect for a person who is new to receiving attunements and empowerment as well as a seasoned Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher. Replenishing means replacing that which was and has become weak or used up. Divine Intelligence is skilled at bringing love and bio-available energy to replenish you and your body. Anyone may receive this attunement.  The Replenishing Shakti has a unique demeanour and brings each person the exact combination of energies that helps them feel closer to the Eternal Sacred Source and replenished in spirit and body. If you are new to working directly with spiritual energies or well-skilled I feel that you will highly enjoy the Replenishing Shakti’s ministrations for you. Replenishing Shakti is designed to bring you what you need to be complete and refill you with the fuel you need to function exemplary. Modern life has its own type of stress. There are often more responsibilities than there seems to be the time in the day to fulfill them. If you feel tugged in many directions and your normal pep and optimism have diminished, please remember to activate Replenishing Shakti often.

Rosari Reiki £10Founder: Yulius Eka Agung Seputra. This system of Reiki includes cleansing the whole chakra system and opening the 3rd eye. It can also be used to heal physical and non-physical disturbances in your body. It brings you peace as you meditate and aids in accessing natural energies, these being: water, earth, air, and fire. This works with you while self-healing and helps to eliminate negative energies.
The manual is an English translation written by a non-native English founder but is still easily understood.