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World Shamanism Energies Series


With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage

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    World Shamanic Systems
    The following attunements have being channelled by ourselves to provide an in depth introduction to the fascinating techniques of Shamanism from all different cultures around the world. Take a journey through; Britian, Egypt and onto North and South America to experience the various styles and flavours which make up the spiritual practice of World Shamanism.


    Crazy Horse Medicine Way - North American Shamanism  £25 
    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The energy generated by this healing system is both an ancient stream of pure beneficial high vibrational healing and also a connection to a spiritual lineage stretching back into the far distant past. This energy and connection will not make you Native American, nor will it confer membership of any tribe or Nation. The energy is a pure spiritual connection to a particular energetic strain which happens to be from the North American indigenous people and associated spiritual beings and connections. There are different ways to use this energy and the more you invest in your own understanding of The Medicine Way, the more useful you will find it. There is so much to discover. However, that said, once connected, Spirit will teach you more ways of connection. To use this energy, simply call on it, as you would any other healing energy and experience it flowing through your system. Ways to use the Medicine Way.

    Healing: Hands-on or distant ~ simply follow the instructions for calling it in and then use your will to send it to yourself or your client.
    Animal healing: As above
    Cleansing: People, objects, property. This energy once called in is very versatile and positive, making it ideal for cleansing purposes.
    Vision Journeys: These are like mini Vision Quests. Call in the energy as instructed and then meditate either with an open mind or else with a set purpose or question in mind. This can be greatly enhanced by adding in things such as being within a Medicine Wheel of stones or even Cards or Crystals.
    Sacred Pipe: You will receive an added attunement to an ethereal Sacred Pipe, channelled by the system creator using his own Sacred Pipe as an energy conduit.

    Within the pages of the 38-page manual you will learn the following:

    • The working and uses of The Medicine Wheel / Sacred Hoop
    • The Four Directions.
    • Sacred Herbs for cleansing and healing.
    • Native American Astrology.
    • A Sacred Pipe ceremony.
    • The real purpose of Drums and Rattles in Medicine Work.
    • A channelled message from Crazy Horse - TashunkaWitco

    Elen Of The Ways – Initiation & Healing System - British Traditional Shamanism £20
    Founders: Raine Philip Hilton

    There are two attunements, each with its own separate manual. The first attunement aligns your own energy with that of Elen and during which you will receive your Elen initiation. The 23 page manual offers insights into who Elen is and how best to understand her and work with her energy. You will also learn her history and how she is one of the most overlooked of all Goddesses. This is a very powerful initiation  to aid in your connection and work with this the Goddess of Mother Nature. To further enhance your working relationship with Elen, you will be taught the following

    • What creatures are sacred to this Goddess
    • What is this Goddess’s Tree
    • What her colour/colours are
    • What places are sacred to her
    • Ritual ways to connect to Elen
    • You will receive 5 unique Glyphs
    • A mandala for shamanic journeying
    • A mandala for self-healing
    • 3 Totem creatures to work with

    The second attunement, is an attunement to a full healing system, during which you will be attuned to and given the following.

    • A complete healing manual
    • You will receive 27 unique healing symbols

    This attunement is nothing short of a gateway into a newly revealed ancient system of healing. Once initiated and fully attuned to the healing energy symbols, you will have at your disposal the means to operate using ancient feminine natural frameworks.

    Herne The Hunter Initiation £20

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    This healing system forms the masculine counterpart to The Elen Of The Ways Initiation and Healing System, which is a prerequisite for taking this initiation.

    This very powerful attunement has been newly channelled for Autumn 2017.

    For nature to be a singularity, it is formed from both the divine feminine and the divine masculine, which come together in oneness.

    There is a single attunement for this system.

    To both facilitate your working relationship with Herne The Hunter and to enhance your understanding of his nature, you will be taught the following:

    • The many names and faces of the Horned God
    • You will receive 5 unique glyphs, which will unlock the secret ways of working
    • Ritual ways to connect and work with Herne
    • What are the best material items to use to better your connection with Herne?
    • A mandala for Shamanic journeying
    • A mandala self-healing
    • A unique channelled communication from Herne
    • Two complete poems which will aid your understanding in a very significant way
    • A 32 page manual giving details, stories and ways for you to better understand the male side within each of us.


      Hem Ikh - Egyptian Shamanism £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The name of this healing system roughly translates into English as a Ball Suspended in the Air. This refers both to the power inherent in the Sun Gods Ra and Aten, as well as the shamanic journey which is madeout of the body and moves through the ether like a suspended ball. The magickal practices of Ancient Egypt were termed Heka andthis was considered a gift of the God of The sun, Ra. It was given to enable mankind to ward off ills and shape their destiny. The word Heka had the dual meaning of Healing and Magick, so Magickal Healing, which is exactly how Shamanic Healing could and has been described by people. Egyptian Shamanism makes use of tools, frameworks and techniques, as does any core Shamanic practice. However, that having been said, it is a practice different in intention, purpose and execution. Hem Ikh is my own Shamanic Healing practice and as such you are being taught something which has organically grown over time and via direct spiritual channelled experiences and communications. This system has been many years in the making and is only the cornerstone of my own Egyptian Spiritual Healing Practice. As an Hem Ikh Egyptian Healing Practitioner, you will learn the following:

    • How to make and use an ethericShabti (you will use this likeness of yourself for various healing and Shamanic practices.)
    • You will learn the meaning and use of The Twelve Hem Ikh symbols (these have unlimited uses in Egyptian Shamanic work, which includes Healing, Protection, Clearing Negative Energy, Chakra and Aura balancing, Balancing Dark and Light, Property Cleansing. The symbols can be used on their own or in combination, depending on the need of any particular session.
    • A crystal is a very useful Shamanic ally. Within the manual is a list of crystals which you might find useful during Egyptian energy work and Healing. All of these have strong associations with Egyptian healing.
    • You will receive an extensive list of Herbs and their uses in Egyptian Healing.
    • You will also receive The Hem Ikh Flush and be taught how to use it and also its symbol.  This flush is a very powerful tool as a standalone.
    • You will receive a 31 page fully illustrated manual with in-depth information which will enable you to become a powerful Egyptian Shamanic Practitioner or allow you to take your existing practice to a whole new level.
    • There are no prerequisites for this Healing Attunement.

    Nwyfre Celtic Shamanic Healing £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    An ancient energy born into a new age. This Healing energy born of the Celtic stream is both powerful and gentle in its ways. Nwyfre can be used for healing, both hands on and distant, as well as for space clearing. In the illustrated manual which comes with this system you will be taught the history of this energy which has roots in Druid practice and belief, as well as Shamanism and Faery work. You will learn of the following:

    • A technique for healing using a stone or piece of wood
    • A Celtic Vision Journey technique
    • The Nwyfre Cauldron hand Position
    • How to construct your own Crane Bag
    • How to make and use a Silver Branch
    • Learn about the Ogham staves of divination
    • The Celtic Wheel of the year
    • Learn what the 7 Sacred Woods of the Beltane Fire are and what they mean
    • The Celtic Moons
    • Celtic Birthstones- Find out what yours is
    • The Celtic Zodiac – Are you a Hound or perhaps a Wren
    • Includes 2 articles originally published in magazines by the system creator

     Raven Runelore Shamanic Healing System £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    This healing system has come through as a way to unite the Magick of Raven to its sister vibration, that of the Runes. For in this context the subtle energetic Raven is the battle warrior and chooser of the slain, The Valkyrie. Of course these titles are symbolic and it is in the Valkyrie/Raven Goddess nurturing through strength capacity which we work with and not the shadow side. The Raven brings the power and the Runes provide the energetic key to enable us to unlock and use them. This system is perfect for Healing, Protection, Energy Clearing and Negative Energy Removal. In the accompanying 34 page manual you will learn the following:

    The 4 symbols of Raven Runelore – These Bindrunes are the keys to unlock the energy. During your attunement you will receive the four symbols energetically via direct transmission. These keys are:

    • The Healing Symbol                
    • Negative Clearing Symbol  
    • Protection Symbol         
    •  Success Symbol
    • These symbols can be used during all sessions and allow a direct access to the Shamanic healing energies.
    • You will learn the Nine Sacred Herbs of Odin.
    • The Viking Lodstone and its uses.
    • Raven as Guide, Power , Totem Animal.
    • The 24 Nordic Runes and their use.

     Sacred Mountain Sacred Earth - South American Shamanism £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The energy stream channelled for this healing system is from that pure source which is The High Andes. It is a Shamanic Healing System, but it is not to be confused with Other Peruvian Shamanic systems, as this works with very different areas than those generally taught.
    Ways to use the Sacred Mountains Sacred Earth.

    There are three activations which come as part of this system.

    • The Chumpi Band Activation

    • The Stone Hands Activation

    • The Double Crystal Skull Activation

    For a standard healing session you will work as you normal, using the Sacred Mountains Sacred Earth Energy, as you would any energetic healing modality such as Reiki. That said, with this healing system you can take things a step further and choose to bring in any or even all of the activations in order to create your tailor-made perfect session. 

    Within the 26-page manual you will be taught the following:

    • The Medicine Wheel of the Inca.

    • Ancestor spirit calling flutes.

    • Chumpi Stones of the Andes. What they are and their use in healing.

    • Andean Stone Healing Hands. Learn why these are perfect for distance work.

    • The Mesa Cloth, its use application and purpose.

    • Crystal Skulls, what part they play during a healing session.

    • The Holy Wood of The Andes, its use and purpose.

    • Medicinal plants of Peru for healing and spiritual purposes.

    • Inca Hymns, for greater energetic connection.

    Wildwood Shamanic Healing £25 

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    Wildwood Healing is a strain of energy which resides within the Celtic Shamanic area. It has links to Druidy and lineage roots in Traditional Witchcfraft, such as SeaWitchery. The energy is the wild nature which runs through the very landscape of those parts of Northern Europe once united by the Great Forest. A time before fences and ownership, when tribes moved with the animal herds and humanity was just another part of the tapestry of nature, watched over by divine nature in its varied guises, This energy system brings vital forces forged from feminine and masculine, energies, blended with the green ray of the living generative force of life itself.

    This system is perfect for those already invested in the Elen and Herne/Cernunnos systems. Within the 26 pages of this manual, you will learn the following:

    • How to harness and work with the Triad of universal energy
    • The 3 symbols of Wildwood Shamanic Healing
    • Metals, Crystals and Herbs attuned to the essence of these energies
    • What each of the three energy strains is used for


    Other Shamanic Systems

    NEW Bee Goddess Hyblaea Ancestral Journey £45

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Hyblaea (Hybla) is an indigenous Sicilian spirit, a primordial goddess of the Siculi, the people for whom Sicily is named. She is a goddess of abundance and fertility. Hybla’s shrines were centres of divination and dream interpretation. Her priests were considered especially skilled dream interpreters. The Sicels were the original inhabitants of Sicily, and we know of their deities through Greek explorers and writers. Hybla was worshipped on hills in Sicil, these hills were also home to bees that produced some of the finest honey known to the ancient world.

    We are naturally drawn to our ancestors; it is an inherent part of us to want to know where we have come from and what traits we have inherited from them. Sometimes we intuitively know how to do something the first time we try, other times we may be drawn to particular spiritual practices or even places our ancestors lived in to better understand them. It is not only physical or behavioural characteristics which we inherent from our ancestors but also spiritual and healing abilities too. The Bee is a sacred insect that bridges the natural world to the underworld and acts as a powerful intermediary and connection to our ancestors.

    This is a multi-level system taken over the space of 3 weeks which begins with your Initiation to Bee Goddess Hyblaea. This is followed by your attunement to the Oversoul of the Honey Bee and ends with an attunement to aid you in connecting to and communicating with your ancestors.

    *This is an advanced energy system and is best suited to those already familiar with shamanic work.

    Level 1: We will begin with your initiation to Bee Goddess Hyblaea. This sacred initiation will allow you acceptance to become an initiate of Hyblaea.

    Perhaps one day she will bestow the title of Hyblaea Priest/Priestess on you. This isn’t a rite that is open to everyone, only to those who dedicate themselves to her path, and for those chosen ones they will know from their work with her if this is right for them.

    Level 2: The second level will teach you to journey with the Honey Bee; this energy will allow open you up to the sweetness and joy of life, the simple pleasures of stopping to smell the flowers in your busy day.

    The Honey Bee will enhance your focus and attention in your working day and will bring good luck, abundance and prosperity to your endeavours.

    Level 3: In the third level will work with the Honey Bee as a messenger of the ancestors and to help to enhance your natural clairsenses communication abilities.

    Dolphin Emotional Release Attunement

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Dolphins bring us the gift of heart centred energy which is perfect for any form of emotional release healing. They aid us in removing fear based blockages, allowing us to become infused with healing Dolphin light, making this attunement perfect for anyone in need of breaking negative cycles or releasing trapped energy caused by trauma, illness restrictions or disabilities of any kind.

    The healing power of dolphins is something that has long been publicised. You’ve probably seen the inspiring headlines where parents bring their children to a “healing retreat” and their condition is miraculously changed for the better. Dolphin therapy can be compared to working with a therapy dog. These retreats and therapy programs are generally geared towards patients, children and adults, who suffer from depression, anxiety, abuse, health and mobility disorders and it has especially been found to be helpful for autism.

    Dolphins bring a friendly, kind, intuitive and almost otherworldly energy to this planet, and anyone lucky enough to have been around them can attest to their special qualities. Dolphins are free spirits who display considerable care and intelligence in their interactions. They are models of how we could be in our own lives.

    Now it is time to bring the healing Dolphin energy to you so that you and your friends, family and clients can also experience total relaxation and release from fears, worries and emotional blockages.

    This is a very simple system to work with, there are no complicated symbols to learn or draw, just a beautiful guided meditation healing journey to follow. Learn about:

    • Dolphin attributes
    • Dolphin Whistles
    • Dolphin as your Power Animal
    • Dolphins Dream Interpretation
    • How to make your own seasalt from seawater for a deeper meditation connection
    • Pebble & Salt Water Ritual for Emotional Release
    • Dolphin Emotional Release Healing Guided Meditation Journey

     Gaia Grounding Energy£15

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Gaia Grounding Energy System will strengthen your connection to the Earth (Gaia) as well as help you forge a deeper relationship with the world of the Fey. This beautiful energising system will aid you in releasing negative energy build-up as well as improve and revitalise your overall health and wellbeing. If you often feel drained and exhausted or have little enthusiasm for life you may have blockages in your root chakra as well as in the soles of your feet, or knees. You may even be suffering from energy leakage through weak aspects or holes in your auric field.

    When we are overly concerned with material matters and living purely in the physical realm we become cut off from our higher guidance which can make life feel as if it is one long struggle. We drop out of the vibrational flow of synchronicity and forget to look for the joy in life and show gratitude for all we have. We fail to make an impact in our chosen profession and find excuses not to listen to our Higher Self about what we really need.

    Being ungrounded can cause conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression; feeling like life is spiralling out of control. In a physical sense this can cause fluid retention and painful joints as we are unable to energetically detoxify our body.

    For those of us who work with some of the higher vibrational frequency energy systems this can cause us to become ungrounded,  and feeling as if we are disconnected from the here and now, struggling to integrate our sense of self back into daily life.

    When we are healthily grounded we have a much stronger sense of our self, we can easily and practically resolve any issues that arise. This is because when we are truly present in the moment, we are expressing our spirituality through our physicality rather than seeing this as two separate identities we need to juggle time for. Learn about:

    • Our grounding chakras
    • How being ungrounded can affect us.
    • The importance of grounding
    • How the Amygdala reacts to stressful situations
    • Four grounding techniques to use with this energy
    • Gaia crystal healing

    Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The Neteru Healing System is a new expression of an ancient universal energy force. Like Seichim it is a powerful healing system and is complete in itself. You do not need tobe attuned to any other Egyptian, or Reiki system to use this. In fact it is suitable for even those with no healing experience. It is a gentle, yet powerful system. The Neteru System is perfect for both hands on healing, as well as distance work. With this Healing system you will also learn a unique Chi-Ball method, The Black Scarab & Golden Pyramid. This is an extremely powerful and effective tool for passing on distance attunements and has never before been released before. Other uses for Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System:

    Animal Healing

    The same techniques used for humans can also work very well for animals, regardless of size, or species.


    Powerful energy for cleansing and re-balancing the whole energetic system

    Room cleansing

    To use the energy for room cleansing simply direct the energy from your hands  in a sweeping arc. As you do this visualise a deep purple light sweeping the room. 

    Energy Balancing

    Use for this when a room feels negative, or someone has recently had an upset, or argument. direct the energy from your hands  in a sweeping arc. As you do this visualise a pink  light sweeping the room At the same time feel love emanating from your heart chakra.

    NEW Sacred White Creatures Shamanic Empowerment £30

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    All around the world since ancient times white animals have always held a special and sacred place in our spiritual and religious beliefs. Stories of powerful and miraculous spiritual experiences have been reported by those who have had contact with them.

    In many cultures the birth or appearance of a white animal is believed to be an indication of a new era of peace and restored balance. These amazing white creatures bring us the gifts of purity, spiritual fulfilment, and attainment. You may be very fortunate to see one of these creatures physically but it is as important to take note of them when they show up in our dreams and meditations too.

    This energy system allows you to form a powerful connection to each of the following creatures from the land, the air and the waters of this beautiful world. Learn about the spiritual characteristics of each one and what they represent for your life. By following a simple guided shamanic meditation journey you can meet each of them and share in their wisdom, healing and guidance.

    You will be attuned in a single session to:

    White Wolf, White Deer, White Hedgehog, White Squirrel, White Rabbit, White Horse, White Fox, White Bat, White Raven, White Peacock, White Owl, White Kingfisher, White Swan, White Dolphin, White Beaver, White Frog, White Salmon, White Seahorse, and White Whale.


    Sea Goddess  Cliodna 9th Wave Initiation £20

    Founders: Raine & Philip Hilton

    This attunement channelled between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 is a powerful connection and working healing system connected to the most powerful Goddess of the Sea  Cliodna, though little spoken of is the mighty lady of The Ninth Wave. The sheer majesty of this being is nothing short of breathtaking. This could be the most powerful  attunement to Sea magic so far available. If you have a serious interest in sea-based magic, healing or ritual, this attunement will become an important part of your future working. Within the 19 pages of this manual you will find the following unique connections to this Celtic Goddess.


    • An original channelled communication from Cliodna.
    • A unique Ritual to enable you to connect with Cliodna
    • Different methods on connection 
    • 3 never before revealed Keywords which will enable you to unlock the power of the Sea Kingdom for healing and ritual
    • A completely different method for working healing or magic using 9thWave Mandela’s for synchronising your own working to the ebb and flow of the rising and falling sea tides
    • Revealed, the personal initiations of Raine and Philip Hilton, who were both initiated by Cliodna during a 9th Wave Ritual on a Yorkshire beach during the winter of 2014

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