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With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage
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    New GVHT Attunement Series - Healing With The Ascended Masters

    *GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Package (1) £100 Save 15% £85 

    *The Trinity of Forgiveness - Jesus - £25

    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    This is the first attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Forgiveness is something we all seek at some point in our life. Forgiveness is a precious gift that is neither easily obtained, nor easily given. Forgiveness is essential for life; it frees us from past wrongs and gives us hope for the future. Jesus’ teachings on forgiveness played an important part during His life. He was very clear that forgiveness was to play a major role in our life too.

    When we have just survived a traumatic event, through seemingly no fault of our own, it can be a difficult to overcome the anger, bitterness and resentment in our hearts. I think we many of us can say that we have been in this position at one time or another, and have also felt trapped by it. For as long as we hold unto all of that pain and resentment we cannot move forward with our life.

    Many believe that by forgiving someone, they are somehow ‘letting them off the hook’ for what has happened. They are getting away with it. We feel that as long as we hold onto the hatred we are punishing them too. In fact, all we are doing is giving more of ourselves to them in an energetic sense so the bond becomes stronger and feelings are intensified. We become trapped in a cycle of our own making.

    Learn through this attunement how to work through the stages of offering forgiveness to another, as well as seeking forgiveness when you are in the wrong.

    Enjoy an energy tie release ceremony with Jesus to make peace with yourself and allow you to move forward with your life.

    Meditate on the three stages of the Channelled Communication by Jesus on the Trinity of Forgiveness to help you work through your situation.

    Work with His second communication during your attunement process to open your heart and attune you to His Divine energy.

    Learn how to work through this system step by step for yourself and while working with your clients in a forgiveness therapy session.

     *Enlightenment Consciousness - Maitreya - £25

    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    This is the second attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Ascended Master Maitreya has been expected for generations by all of the major world religions. Globally he is known as The World Teacher: but to Christians he is known as Christ, while Hindus know him as Krishna, Jews as the Messiah; Buddhists see him as Maitreya Buddha; and to Muslims the Imam Mahdi or Messiah.

    Maitreya has come forward to share with us the gifts that self realisation brings, and through this ease the pain and suffering created from the level of our ego. As we progress through these levels of enlightenment consciousness we will cease to feel owned by our material possessions. However, this is not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy and appreciate all that we have achieved and instead choose to give it all up to live an austere lifestyle.

    When we are aligned with our soul’s purpose, all that we think, say and do resonates in harmony and supports our journey through life. Everything we need to know lies within us; we do not need to seek outside of ourselves to find the meaning of life. We just need to consciously commit to taking the time to regularly tune in and listen to our inner voice. Regular meditation within a sacred space strengthens this connection as you tune out the outside word and journey deep within yourself.

    As we get our life on the right track we learn to live a life of authenticity. We become comfortable in our own skin and don’t feel that we have to live up to anyone else’s ideals. There is no one we have to impress or aspire to be. We are perfect just as we are; all of our life’s lessons have led us to this point right now, preparing us for the next stage of our consciousness towards enlightenment.

    Each time you make a healthier soulful choice in life you reveal a little more of this light. Every decision you make for the highest good of all and not just to benefit yourself will feed this positive energy into the collective consciousness.

    You will learn the ten levels of consciousness and how they relate to where you are right now.

    As you read his unique channelled communication this will further open up your awareness taking you into your attunement to Maitreya who will assist with your enlightenment consciousness evolution.

    Learn how to use this energy to connect more deeply with him to work on any issues or blockages in your personal, professional life or spiritual path.


    NEW *Synchronistic Consciousness Flow - Hilarion -£25

    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    This is the third attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Hilarion is the chohan of the fifth ray, this is one of healing and truth. He is the hierarch of the Temple of Truth. Hilarion was high priest of the Temple of Truth on Atlantis, and he transported the flame of Truth together with the artefacts of the Temple to Greece a short time before the sinking of the continent. As Hierarch of the Brotherhood of Truth, Hilarion is said to assist the scientists and spiritual leaders of the world with the flame of truth and channels the spiritual energy of what is called in the Ascended Master Teachings the green ray or emerald ray.

    The Universe has a way of bringing us continuous opportunities so that we can live in the flow of synchronicity. It is never too late to embrace the life we deserve or were meant for. When we actively choose to take the higher path, we step fully into the flow of synchronicity consciousness. Life presents opportunities that are in line with where we are destined to go. Before this can happen changes must occur, it is necessary to release all that no longer serves you or supports your journey. At no time are you alone in this, Ascended Masters, Angels and your Guides are waiting patiently to assist you, all you need to do is ask for assistance and be willing to take the first step. Love is the light frequency on which we all vibrate, synchronicity is love, graceful and effortless, and all we need to do is to embrace it with expectant excitement and willingness, the way a small child does each new day. This energy will teach you:

    • How to move into the flow of synchronicity
    • Learn how to embrace spontaneity
    • Being true to yourself
    • Being true to others
    • Working through karma
    • Connecting with likeminded souls
    • Soul group missions
    • Seeing perfection in everyone
    • Working from the level of the higher consciousness
    • Unique channelled communication from Ascended Master Hilarion
    • Unique channelled energy activation from Ascended Master Hilarion
    • Working with this energy

    NEW *Etheric Retreat & Sacred Flame Attunement - Zarathustra -£25

    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    This is the fourth attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Zarathustra is an ascended master whose consciousness is an auric emanation of fire that is an all-consuming love, a piercing light that goes to the core of whatever is unreal. Being in the presence of Zarathustra is like being in the presence of the physical sun itself. The mastery he has of spiritual fire and physical fire is among the highest of any adept ascended from this planet. He is the greatest ‘firetender’ of them all. When called upon to during the battle of Light he is a powerful protector and defender. An important aspect of Zarathustra’s teaching was surrender to the Sacred or Divine Flame, This means being willing to release all that you are, to be able to fully embrace all that you are to become. This act will aid you in realising your full potential as a Divine Spiritual Being of Light.

    This attunement comes into two parts, the first part is your Surrender to the Sacred Flame, and the second part is Entry into the Etheric Retreat.

    When you choose to receive the Sacred Flame it will burn away all that does not resonate with your True Spiritual Identity. The grip of your ego will be released, you will be more open and able to see and experience all of life in its myriad of forms. You will become at One with your True Soul Path and will attract all that you need to you to continue your journey. As you embrace the Divine Flame you will willingly let go of all that no longer serves you. As you are filled with the Divine Flame you will be overwhelmed with the deepest desire to share this with everyone you meet. You will become a guiding light for those who still exist in the shadows of doubts and fears. You will act as a beacon for those on the Sacred Path to Enlightenment.

    After we have cleansed and purified ourselves we are welcomed to enter the retreat of Zarathustra and seek his wisdom, guidance, protection, or whatever else we are in need of his assistance with. Only when we have been purified are we resonating at the correct vibrational frequency to allow this sacred meeting to take place. We connect to him through our open and loving heart chakra. While we are with him we are beyond all time and space, we will have the ability to view our life so far objectively and without judgement seeing all as it is perfection in motion. Even those experiences we class as negative, painful, frustrating or embarrassing all have their part to play in our incarnation.

    From this perspective we can see the cycles and patterns of our life, we can see the impact; positive and negative, that others have had on our well being, and also the impact we have had on them.  Some may see these patterns link further back through previous lifetimes. You will be shown what you need to see to help you for this part of your journey. You can also ask for insights into any health conditions you may have and have the opportunity to heal these at the level they came into being.

    If you wish you can spend time simply in meditation within the Etheric Retreat, If you are struggling with your ego, or doing battle with your shadow self, or feel trapped by the material world you have created around you call upon Zarathustra.  If you are in need of spiritual protection, or spiritual cleansing, call upon Zarathustra to defend you and to keep you safe.

    Learn about:

    • Zarathustra the founder of Zoroastrianism
    • Zarathustra: The Ascended Master
    • Zarathustra’s Teachings
    • The Sacred Flame
    • Entry into the Etheric Retreat
    • Unique Channelled Communication from Zarathustra
    • Unique Channelled Activation Communication from Zarathustra
    • Working with this energy
    Other GVHT Ascended Masters Systems by Raine & Philip Hilton

    *GVHT Ascended Masters Package (2) £75 Save 15% £64

    *Francis and Clare Initiation Into Divine Love - £15

    Channelled and created by Philip Hilton

    This energy which has been channelled directly from the loving combined energies of Francis and Clare who wish to bring others into this etheric loving bond of attainable oneness and as a living tool to cut through the mental self-imposed prison of the human rationalised formulation of duality. Both Clare and Francis knew this, they understood at a very deep level, at soul level. This is why they insisted on having nothing, in order that they be ready to be made full and in doing so, be complete. Their love for each other was in a very real sense a marriage of two hearts and minds and ideals. Their love for each other was sustained by their love of the divine. In God they found each other, in each other was God.

    This energetic initiation brings the purity of a loving and pure kenosis or emptying in order to be filled by the divine. It has the ability to empty that which no longer serves and instead replace these things with a willingness and an expectation for God’s fulfilment, in whatever shape or form she brings this to you. 

    In the pages of this twenty page manual you will come to understand the following:

    • How that most complex of triunes The Holy Trinity can be understood as a universal equation of Oneness
    • The one truth which all spiritual teachers have agreed on
    • What Kenosis means and why it is vital to a true spiritual relationship with the divine
    • Why Francis has often been called a Shaman
    • What Jesus asked and what people think he asked
    • The stories of Clare and Francis
    • Clare and Francis a marriage with divinity

    *Sunstone Moonstone Connection Empowerment to Buddha & Quan Yin -£20

    System originator- Raine & Philip Hilton

    This beautiful dual crystal healing system comes with two unique communications channelled directly from Quan Yin & Buddha  The following energetic healing system brings into alignment both male and female energies into harmony and perfect balance. If you are an energy worker and or a crystal healer, this is an ideal working system for you.


    • This attunement connects you to the healing properties of both the sun and the moon and the powerful energetic forces of Yin & Yang as represented by Quan Yin and Buddha. 
    • You are also attuned to the etheric crystalline energies of  the crystals Moonstone and Sunstone. This is representative of the masculine and feminine attributes inherent in all of us.  
    • Two unique rituals channelled directly from source by Philip Hilton and designed to enable deep meditation and visualisation with both Yin and Yang energy. These rituals are themed to Sun and Moon.
    • Two original channelled communications from Quan Yin and Buddha, giving insights and guidance for using these energies. Channeled by Philip Hilton.
    • An original manual designed and written by Raine Hilton.

    *The Desert Rose Initiation Of Mary Magdalene - £15

    Restoring the balance of The Divine Feminine:

    The flow of Divine Feminine energy is essential for maintaining balance and awareness within the collective consciousness, as well as for self-growth and the transcendence of each individual soul. For me this is epitomised in Mary Magdalene.

    This sacred flow of feminine energy is crucial for intuition, compassion, unconditional love, strength, balance and harmony within both women and men.
    When this Divine Feminine flow becomes depleted in men it restricts their emotional and empathic depth, creating feelings of discontent, loneliness, and loss of direction in life. Becoming disconnected from the Divine Feminine is naturally a serious problem for women too. This represses their sense of self identity, and restricts their soul path journey.

    As we walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene we can channel this divine flow of energy embodied in the Desert Rose.  
     The Desert Rose holds many important properties that we can use to enhance our life. It will help to Improve mental ability and clarity, as well as enhancing perception of all kinds, including intuitive perception. Quiet worries and still the mind from distractions and disruptions Dissolve "programs" we have put upon ourselves that are outdated or over-used. It can also be used for overcoming phobias, prosperity, purification, and to help boost self confidence. They have traditionally been used as talismans for protection.

    The energy of the Desert Rose is very gentle and it teaches one that life is worth all of its ups and downs. It not only helps to access past lives, it also helps one to access future lives. Glimpses of what is to come so that one may make appropriate choices for the here and now. Each one is said to contain a unique spirit guardian, this will further deepen your connection with Mary and your strengthen communication with her. Use Desert Rose to increase creativity as well as psychic abilities. If you suffer from phobias, especially claustrophobia, bring through the energies of Desert Rose to restore calm and tranquilly. It can help one to deal with grief and to let go of emotions that have been keeping you from living your best life.


    NEW*The Three Jewels of the Tree of Oneness - £25
    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The Jewel Tree in question is none other than The Tree Of Life, known by many names across the globe. The Three Jewels are the threefold path toward that state known as enlightenment or Nirvana.

    This energy allows for a pure connection to not only the jewels but to the tree itself, offering a multitude of energetic streams for you to tap into and to aid in your ongoing personal spiritual development and that of others you seek to help on your journey of earthly experience.

    This is transmitted and received as a wide-band single attunment, which is embedded with multiple light-codes, enabling a stable and yet powerful working environment.

    This energy system is a perfect progression for those lightworkers who feel ready to operate within a Buddhist framework or for those wishing to expand their own awareness of the multiplicity of universal energies now re-birthing within our own dimension.

    This attunement will not only bring your energy system into alignment with a multitude of light beings ready to assist in the ongoing journey of healing and spiritual development, but will also offer the following

    • The World Tree and its connection to Buddhism
    • The hidden reality behind the text
    • The Three Jewels as a Spiritual Conduit
    • The Hidden Teachings
    • The Jewels and The Tree