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Shamanic Services


This is our range of greater in-depth Shamanic healing therapy and guidance sessions on more specialised topics. These sessions usually last around 3 hours each as they include divination or other additional services.

When you contact us, please include any details of the imbalance or issue you need assistance with.

For clarification and to aid you in getting the best out of your healing sessions we may ask you to fill in a short health questionnaire. This is so we can choose the correct energies for your specific problem. This is entirely in confidence.


Strictest Confidence

All information shared with us is entirely in confidence.
As a client, we respect and endeavour to ensure your complete privacy. At no time are your files or information stored with any third party. No information is ever stored on a cloud service.


Distance healing and therapy only

At this present time we can only offer distance healing and therapy, and not in person. Be reassured that there is no compromise in the quality or the result of your session, as it makes no difference if energy travels an inch or a thousand miles! 

Please note: Appointments cannot be secured until I have received all relevant information for your sessions and payment in full

Healing Therapy Sessions with Raine


Healing Therapy Sessions with Phil