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Lightarian Purification Rings

By the Lightarian Institute
Create powerful connections with the Seraphim... a specialized angelic team of seraphic energies consisting of different Seraphic groups that have stepped forward to assist you in your evolution and expansion of your energetic vibration.

Expand the pure seraphic qualities of unconditional love, wholeness, harmonization, beauty and bliss within your energy fields and anchored into day to day experiences.

Establish a series of six unique and permanent guideship connections with these supportive seraphic groups.

The six Lightarian Purification Rings are designed to create extraordinary connections for you from the highest level of the Angelic Realms called the Seraphim.  These seraphic groups, including Seraphim Y, Seraphim, C, Seraphim V, Seraphim Z and Seraphim K, will assist with facilitating the expansion and purification of recipients. The Purification Rings have been inspired by the Seraphim in order to work through a strong, direct link with humans to advance their spiritual development.

This is an ADVANCED program given to us to help our physical beings function more efficiently in the new Earth.  It is for those that have already begun their Ascension/Descension process and choose to stay on the earth plane at this time in history. The required prerequisite recommended by the Lightarian Institute before taking The Purification Rings is the Lightarian Angel Links energy. This guideline is given due to the increased vibrational frequencies of the Seraphic energies that will be accessed as you work through the Purification Ring system.

How do we operate in the new paradigm of 'All that Is" when we are physically designed to function in the polarities?

The Seraphim's intentions are to infuse into the energy fields of humans many of the qualities and energetic patterns which they embody to assist us in operating in a pure state of bliss.

Because of their higher vibrational strata within the Angelic Realms, the Seraphim have historically been quite removed from humanity. However, the call to divine service to support our global/human transformation has prompted the Seraphim to come forward more prominently at this time.  Each of these Purification Rings sets up a new, very special kind of linkage within your energy fields to allow you and these seraphic groups to work together more effectively.

How will these seraphic energies work with me?

In general, these seraphic groups have committed to working intimately and powerfully with us... Their focus is to help you embody and expand the pure seraphic qualities of unconditional love, wholeness, harmonization, beauty, and bliss in your day-to-day life. In addition to these five major seraphic qualities, each seraphic group will serve as guides for you in these other specialized ways:

Lightarian Purification Rings Level 1 - Seraphim Y 

This Level gifts us with the Seraphic Blue Flame of Wholeness.  This begins the process of reformatting our genetic encodings (not the personal kind from our ancestors, but how the body functions as a human).  This also shifts our personal perspective with understanding the "All That Is"

Lightarian Purification Rings Level 2 - Seraphim C 

This level gifts us with the crystal skull to aid us in integrating and stimulating our ability to incorporate sensory input more completely through the reformatting of the frontal lobe, enabling us to receive more fully our Earth plane existence and our advancement into this new paradigm.  Additionally, Star Arinae, with Seraphim C, helps us to reformat our genetic makeup and brain processes.

Lightarian Purification Rings Level 3 - Seraphim V 

This level aids us in operating with the coolness of the blue flame in order to operate in a state of Joy, Laughter, Thoughtfulness and Lightness by removing the cloak of fear.  We begin to stand fully within our Truth;   helping us to release any hidden agendas we may be harbouring. Seraphim V will instil a silver line through your crown chakra which will travel downward where it will shadow your spine.

Lightarian Purification Rings Level 4 - Seraphim Z 

This level facilitates the full integration of life experiences including the release of deeply stored grief (unresolved grief creates fissures in our energetic body) as well as self serving behaviour either through diverting attention away from yourself  or attracting attention to yourself under the pretense of hiding your grief. Seraphim Z will instil a circle of rainbow light into your heart chakra. This represents wholeness and completeness. After releasing the grief you have sorted in your body, Seraphim Z will replenish those areas with Divine Love

Lightarian Purification Rings Level 5 Representatives from all the Seraphim groups 

This level works with us to effectively invoke our intentions through the blue flame from the Seraphim anchored by and bringing to manifestation in a state of pure bliss. This aids you in living your life in harmony with Gaia.

Lightarian Purification Rings Level 6 - Seraphim K 

This level introduces the Merlin energy of magic as we learn to understand humanity's relationship with the Earth plane and connect energetically to the Earth plane more effectively, lovingly, and purely. By learning to tune in and weave the natural magick flowing around us we can create the kind of reality we really desire at soul level. Seraphim K will work with the creative area of the brain which is found on the right side of the cerebral cortex to expand our ability to create through sound. Seraphim K will also work on the throat centre, using your voice to instil the necessary energetic configurations in the body helping with communication and self expression. Once this process is complete harmonization will flow and fully integrate throughout the rest of your body.

All Lightarian manuals are posted to you in printed format, this service is available worldwide so please allow the appropriate time for your country for delivery

Lightarian Purification Rings (Levels 1-6) Lightarian Institute Price - $652

Our Price - 150

You will also be registered with the Lightarian Institute

With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • Attunements may be sent either by Chi Ball or by a prearranged appointment.
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage

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