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With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' attunement
  • One emailed certificate

When you have made your choice from the attunements/empowerments listed below please email me  a PayPal invoice


Each of us carries baggage in the form of negative energy blocks in our chakras and aura, these were formed, often many years ago, sometimes even as far back as our past lives, and they are still causing an impact on our health and wellbeing today. By working with the following Flush Empowerments we can bring to the surface and release these energy blockages which may be holding you back from reaching your full potential in health, wealth and abundance.

Abundance Flush Empowerments Levels 1-6  £25 Founder: Stephanie Braile. The Abundance Flush 1 and 2 Empowerments work on two levels: One, to remove blocks to abundance, and two, to magnetize the individual to opportunity and prosperity. This system is exceptionally simple but powerful. While there is no guarantee that it will bring you a windfall the energy can help a lot! A continuation of the Abundance Flush Empowerments levels 3 and 4 work on the subtle bodies to lift the vibration and help support the soul's expression in the world, thus helping bring in new opportunities and prosperity.  The focus of flushes 5 and 6 is to work on creating stability and space. These energies are designed to help overcome issues of "feast or famine" or "living check to check." You will receive 6 chi ball empowerments in 3 sets of 2 with 3 pdf manuals.

Acceptance Flush Empowerment £10 Founder: Jay Burrell. Self acceptance is loving and being happy with who you are. Some people call it self-esteem while others call it self-love. Whatever name you give it; you will know when you are allowing the energies of self acceptance are flowing through you because it feels great. Through the acceptance of the Acceptance Flush Empowerment and regular activation of the energies you will learn to look at yourself as the true spiritual being that you really are.


Aura Flush Empowerment £10  Founder:Stephanie Braile. The Aura Flush is a very gentle, cleansing energy that sweeps through the aura and clears it of negative energy and thought-forms The aura is the part of our energy field that surrounds us and protects us. It is our projection out to the world. If we want to attract the right people and opportunities, we need to have an aura that is bright and healthy, full of positive energy and love. Unfortunately, as we go through life we collect negative energies in our aura. Actual negative thought-forms of anger, sadness, and hatred can reside in our aura, bringing down our overall energy and pushing people away from us. Cleansing the aura regularly will help rejuvenate our spirit as well as improve our projection to the outer world. Benefits include: 

  • The Aura Flush makes cleansing the aura simple. Benefits include:
  • Improved sense of happiness and well-being.
  • More physical and emotional energy.
  • Release of negative thought-forms that are creating problems in life.

Chakra Flush Empowerment £10 Founder: Stephanie Brail. The Chakra Flush Empowerment works on deeply clearing the chakra system of blocks and baggage and repair the chakras.  This system is very easy to use and is also good to combine with other flush empowerments such as aura flush. This is a Master/Teacher Empowerment


Chaos Flush Energy System £20 Founder: Mariah Windsong. Chaos Flush™ energy system flushes away chaotic energies and restores your energy fields to their usual well ordered configuration. When you are near people whose lives are in chaos or who seem to stir up chaos energies naturally, your own energy fields may take on some of that way of moving. If you do not like your energy fields’ spin and dance to be shifted by chaos, you’ll enjoy Chaos Flush’s quick restore.Chaos Flush™ energy system works quickly and thoroughly to flush away chaotic energies that may have collected in your energy fields. Any chaos energies from other people that you may have been near or walked through could have disturbed your well designed energy fields. Such a disturbance can last hours or days after the chaos itself is no longer present. Chaos is felt more strongly by those of us who tend our energy fields regularly. We notice when we’ve walked through and energy that is discordant and throws our own energy out of sync with itself. Some benefits of Chaos Flush may include:
  • Normal energies levels return after activating chaos flush
  • Mood improves after activating chaos flush
  • Outlook on life improves after activating chaos flush
  • Concentration improves after activating chaos flush
  • Feeling of safety returns after activating chaos flush
  • Faith in your Deity returns after activating chaos flush
  • Physically your body feels better after activating chaos flush
  • Desire to care about yourself returns after activating chaos flush
  • Desire to keep your commitments return after activating chaos flush
  • Desire to be kind to others returns after activating chaos flush
  • A better connection with divinity arrives after activating chaos flush
  • Aches and pains made worse by chaos ease after activating this flush
  • Worries amplified by chaos recede after activating chaos flus
  • The day’s events and tasks to do matter after activating chaos flush

Discernment Flush Empowerment  £20 System Originator- Tracy Loper. This system is given to us by Spirit to remove any blocks that prevent the spiritual gift of discernment from working and being exhibited within one. New energy will enter allowing one to freely exercise the gift of discernment in one’s daily life and develop a better willingness to be discerning. As a result this empowerment will make the ability to discern function better, stronger and faster even in times of uncertainty and stress. The Discernment Flush Empowerment will create within one a love of wisdom so that one can seek resolution rather than blame, give wise judgment in decisions, take sensitivity to all sides, and practice the ability to discriminate between bad/wrong choices and the right/wise (Highest Good).
Benefits of the Discernment Flush Empowerment:

  • Develop Higher Perspectives
  • Release from repeating habitual mistakes
  • Enhanced ability to see solutions
  • Prevention of suffering
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Ability to perceive potential trouble or danger
  • Accelerated Spiritual Growth
  • Discernment ability will be stronger and faster
  • Creates a love of wisdom
  • Brings wise judgment in decision making
  • Develop willingness to discern
  • Empowerment in discerning in daily life
  • Removes emotional and energetic blocks to discerning truth
Financial Fear Flush & Confidence Builder Attunements  £20  Founder: Mariah Windsong. 
Financial Confidence Fear Flush: 
It is important to flush away the fears that cause money to drain away. When you fear that you don’t have enough money, even the money you have seems to disappear before it has done all that it needed to for you. Financial Fear Flush ™ is an energy function that specifically targets any fears you have about your financial well being and having all you need. Financial Fear Flush™ is great to activate with intention whenever you notice a worry, concern or fear about money pass through your mind. Once your fears about money and your financial situation have been flushed away your confidence about your financial matters will build and be secure. Financial Fear Flush™ is an easy way to release fears which have no use. Sometimes a fear has served its purpose and yet lingers, that kind of fear will indeed flush away with the use of this energy system. Fears about lack of money or unwise use of money residing in your subconscious mind can also be flushed away with this energy function. You can hold the thought of wanting this Financial Fear Flush to activate for your subconscious mind.
Financial Confidence Builder Attunement Founder: Mariah Windsong. Financial Confidence Builder™ is an energy function that secures your way of thinking to foster confidence for your financial well being. You may find many benefits to activating this Financial Fear Flush if used regularly:
  • Less anxiety

  • Less preoccupation with negative scenarios mentally
  • Less depression

  • Ending of self sabotage behaviour in your money use

  • Noticing miracles that can benefit your financial situation

  • Increased positive outlook for your financial future

  • Peace Within settles inside of you

  • You breathe deeper on a regular basis

  • You start to mentally plan for the future once again

  • More opportunities come your way

  • No longer do you self fulfil negative prophesies about your money

  • You display increased wisdom in your money management


Happiness Flush Empowerment  £15  Founder:Gaynor du Perez. The Happiness Flush Empowerment will free us to be happy and confident to achieve our goals, have fulfilling relationships, successful careers and receive abundance in all areas of our life. The flush will clear negative emotions from past and current life experiences such as wounds from childhood and traumas, past events and situations that have caused us pain. This will allow us to be free from negative things that we have experienced and the emotions we have attached to those negative experiences. It will clear any limiting, false, and negative beliefs about us that affect our self esteem. The new energy will enter and form a protective barrier or boundary so that we do not leave ourselves open to more negative experiences, drama from others, or susceptibility to disrespectful treatment from others. The empowerment energy will give us the energetic boost we need to maintain happiness in spite of any obstacles or difficulties we experience. Sabotaging behaviours that have become automatic patterns and responses will cease to exist. Negative and lower based emotions will leave us so these do not hinder our goals, rob us of happiness or keep us from living the life we desire in our heart of hearts. The new energy will bring feelings of happiness, contentment, and confidence to achieve our goals. We can run the flush in times when we are struggling to manage unpleasant emotions, maintain emotional stability, achieve calmness, and rid ourselves of out of control thoughts and emotions.


Healing Flushes Empowerments 1-6 £30 Founder: Stephanie Brail.You will receive 3 concise manuals and 3 attunements

Healing Flush Empowerments 1 and 2 (physical)

The Healing Flushes for Physical Problems work to improve physical health, first by clearing out negative energies that might be allowing viruses and imbalances to manifest, and second by enhancing the energetic system to support improved immune function and health. These energies are best used to support healing from minor issues such as a cold or flu. They can also be used for more chronic or serious illnesses as boosters, but do not rely on these flushes for life-threatening diseases. (And of course, remember that energy healing is not to be used to cure illness and energy healers cannot diagnose disease.) The flushes also can support the energetic system in crowded environments, much in the way herbal immune supplements support the immune system. 

Healing Flush Empowerments 3 and 4 (emotional)

The Healing Flushes for Emotional Problems are the second group in a series of Healing Flushes. While you do not need to have been attuned to Healing Flushes for Physical Problems (Empowerments 1 & 2) to use this manual or system, it is recommended for optimal benefits. The Healing Flushes for Emotional Problems are very simple to use and work via intention. Healing Flush Empowerment 3 works to remove emotional blockages. Healing Flush Empowerment 4 helps strengthen the emotional body to become more resilient to emotional stress and disappointment. These attunements can bring up clearing symptoms in the form of emotional release, so you should plan to receive the attunements when you have time to process the energies. 

Healing Flush Empowerments 5 and 6 (spiritual)

The Healing Flushes for Spiritual Integration are the third group in a series of Healing Flushes. These spiritual integration energies are the culmination of the healing flushes. The entire system (Healing Flushes 1-6) is designed to be an easy way to utilize energy healing for optimal health and wholeness. We start at the physical level, then bolster the emotions, and finally complete this work with a strong connection to spirit. While you do not need to have been attuned to Healing Flush Empowerments 1-4 to use this manual or system, it is recommended for optimal benefits.
Love Flush Empowerment Package – Levels 1 & 2 and 3 & 4£20 Founder: Stephanie Brail. The Love Flushes empowerments have been designed to help heal the wounds that can block you from experiencing the true love of the spirit and the releasing of childhood pain and anger. The love flush empowerments can also help with the following: Liberation from obsession and focus on the other as the cause or answer to all of life's issues -  A lighter, happier heart - A greater ability to be open instead of closed and protective - A feeling of infinite love that can be shared with others without condition

Love Flush level 1 & 2

Release old wounds & hurts that are blocking your heart chakra which is where these hurts and wounds are stored. This can happen to everyone and is a natural part of life. It gently releases these old wounds so you can again experience the true meaning of love and self love. Strengthen your connection to the divine universal energy of love, the light of God and the universal consciousness that is the true nature of love.

Love Flush Empowerments 3 & 4

The first two love flushes worked on clearing out old emotional wounds and bringing in the energy of unconditional love. Love Flushes 3 & 4 work more specifically on relationship issues by clearing out wounds from past relationships and healing current relationships. This can be relationships with family members, your husband, wife, partner or even friends. You can use these new flush empowerments on yourself, or, you can send it to the person you have a relationship with that needs to be healed.

Mental Flush Empowerment Levels 1 & 2 £15  Founder: Stephanie Brail. The Mental Flush Empowerments is a new system that has been brought forth to work on clearing the physical mind by flushing the mental body with energy to clear away any build up of negative thought forms and stuck energies. The mental body is a layer within the aura where our thought forms are stored and if we suffer from a negative mind this can cause a number of conditions that will affect the physical body. Some of the benefits of this system are: The releasing from worry and stress - The clearing of persistent negative thought forms - The assistance in overcoming obsessive or compulsive thinking - Increased peace of mind - Improved concentration and focus within your life.


Meridian Flush Empowerment Levels 1 & 2  £15 Founder Jose Gonzales. Meridian Flush Empowerment is suggested that one would have opened their Kundalini channel and have some experience with meridian Qi Gong before taking these empowerments for more benefits. Meridians are like tiny chakras but a system of their own. They run energy lines all around the body in definite pathways. Some run deep and some run close to the surface. Those pathways are called channels. The manual contains information regarding how to:

  • Defines Meridians
  • Directing Qi in the micro-cosmic orbit
  • Mind Focusing
  • Affirmations  
  • Meridian Flush Purpose
The first Meridian Flush empowerment level is a 1-5 hour flush that once activated it begins to cleanse your meridian system automatically for 4-5 hours.
It releases blockages, as it moves through your meridians.You can activate it yourself or on others. 
The second Meridian Flush empowerment level is a 2-7 hour flush that is even more intense and truly remarkable energy cleansing too that once activated cleans your meridians automatically for 2-7 hours.

Milk of Ganesha Flush Empowerment £10 Founder: Jean (Gina) Myrner. This is a spiritual energy flush channelled from Lord Ganesha as an energetic support for health. This flush uses Lord Ganesha's spiritual energy to clear stagnant energy, blockages, burnt karma, debris, attachments, cords, and anything no longer needed blocking our health and well-being.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Flush Empowerment£25 Founder: Tracey Loper. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD is a type of disorder that causes repetitive thoughts and behaviours that are difficult to control. This system has been designed to assist adults as well as children to reduce, help manage and or remove repetitive and negative compulsions and symptoms, thoughts and behaviours, which cause considerable distress, are time consuming, and reduce the quality of life for the sufferer.  This can impact on relationships, work and socialising. Working regularly with the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Flush will help to keep the OCD symptoms from worsening. Even if you have not officially being diagnosed with OCD but are experiencing obsessive thoughts, are trapped into obsessive rituals and behaviour, the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder flush can help to eliminate or reduce these for you. This energy is also helpful for loved ones, family members or caregivers for people with OCD as it promotes understanding of the disorder which helps to reduce conflicts and inspires solutions on how to help the OCD sufferer.

Parental Pattern Flush  £20  Founder: Mariah Windsong. This is an energy that can flush away undesirable patterns we've acquired from our parents or patterns that we do not want to inadvertently pass down to our children.  When we've lived around someone it is easy to hold onto preferences and patterns to life that they did, even when we don't want to.  Parental Pattern Flush works with your higher self and soul to help free you of limitations resulting from how you were raised.  Genetic predispositions to mental disorders and pessimistic attitudes to life can also be flushed away, freeing you to more consciously choose your responses to life.

Punishment Flush  £20 Founder: Mariah Windsong. The idea of being punished for one’s wrongs or is deeply seated in all cultures. If you have ever been punished there could be imprints of it in your mind and your body. These imprints of punitive action upon you can stand in the way of your self worth being realized. Punishment Flush easily flushes away the punishment imprints that limit your ability to attract good to you. Many people think that they deserve to be punished even for unkind thoughts. Others have subconscious memories of punishments that happened in other times and places. Bodies hold memories of ancestral punishments. Punishment Flush is brought to help free yourself from known and unknown limitation within yourself. When a punishment is threatened or received by anyone, a message of unworthiness can be received.

This message of unworthiness can be received by your body, mind, or spirit. In this way, now there is a register, a record of blemish, a reason some part of yourself can point to, saying that you don’t deserve this or that good thing. There are benefits of punishment for some people. It is a way of “making things right”. Without punishment received, many people cannot move past a crime or even a mistake. They feel that there is a need to “pay a penalty” before they are free to enjoy good things in life. Included in this system is Punitive Flush which you can activate after you’ve received your Punishment Flush attunement. The difference is that a Punitive Flush flushes away the blocks to receiving clearance or forgiveness for a wrong that you’ve not yet been punished for. Punitive Flush is a great key to breaking the patterns of self sabotage. Many are not aware of the ways we may sabotage good things from happening or keeping them here when they do arrive. Likely benefits of Punishment Flush include but are not limited to:

Increased Self Worth - Reduced or eliminated self abuse - Flushing away of genetic lineage punishment imprints - Flushing away of soul lineage punishment imprints 

The Victim Mentality Flush £20 Founder: Tracey Loper. The Victim Mentality Flush Empowerment has been created to free us from the tendency of slipping into thinking of ourselves as victims and that we have little or no control over our lives. The system will free us from feeling sorry for ourselves and from lower and negative thoughts that are keeping us stuck in a rut. As the energy works deeply to clear away sadness and self pity it will empower us to take positive and proactive actions in our life to bring about positive results. Once free of the victim mindset we are able to create the kind of life we dream of, boosting our personal power, self confidence and self esteem. We begin this process by focusing on what we can control and stop focusing on what we cannot. We will no longer find ourselves feeling helpless, powerless or in ‘no win’ situations. We will achieve the mindset to accept whatever situation we find ourselves in and will seek the highest choice for the good of all concerned. Our consciousness will be elevated in such a way that we are able to see the numerous choices available to us under all circumstances no matter how complex. We will develop trust in our loving and all knowing Higher Self to guide us to choices that serve our Highest Good. We will rise above events and refuse to submit to them. Anger and helplessness regarding our circumstances will leave us. We will feel greater freedom and take more responsibility in our lives.

Worry Flush £15Founder: Mariah Windsong.  Worry Flush  is an easy way to emotionally drop away your current worries and the recycled ones that keep cycling back into your mind. Worries are one of the most insidious ways our peace and happiness erodes away. The wild part is that a person's mind really believes it is dutifully doing its job to "watch out" for possible problems and find solutions. By "worrying" a person's mind is simply replaying the concern over and over again and your emotionally discomfort is amplified. Worry Flush can be activated as often as you feel yourself worrying about anything. You may need to activate it often at first until your mind learns that it does not "need" to worry in order to do its proper job for you.