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£35 Healing Sessions

This range of 1 hour healing sessions are priced at just £35 each and are suitable for adults as well as children.  
When you make your booking, please include any details of the imbalance or issue you need assistance with. For clarification and to aid you in getting the best out of your healing sessions we may ask you to fill in a short health questionnaire. This is so we can choose the correct energies for your specific problem.

All information shared with us is entirely in confidence.  At this present time we can only offer distance healing and therapy, and not in person. Be reassured that there is no compromise in the quality or the result of your session, as it makes no differences if energy travels an inch or a thousand miles.

Please note: Appointments cannot be secured until I have received all relevant information for your session and payment in full

Angelic Life Path Healing For Adults

Bring guidance, support, comfort and the healing power of Angels into your life to help you at every stage of your social and behavioural development. These Angels will work within the spectrum of five rays of light symbolising the five transformational stages of development of adult life:

During your session I will select the ray of healing for you by focusing on your particular issue and calling in the Angels of your relevant age Angelic Ray to assist you. The group of Angels within this ray will support and guide you during the day and will work, guide and protect you through the night. During dream time we are at our most open and receptive to assistance and guidance from the higher realms. Each ray will assist with the following development age-related problems:
Rose Ray: ages 20-35 years
Learning responsibility and independence, travel, experimentation, making our mark on the world, creating lasting friendships, finding and running a home, transitional stage from education into the workplace, career goals, self identity, emotional intimacy and relationships, creating a family, child care, parental responsibilities and issues, a shift in priorities, work-home balance.
Aqua Ray: ages 35-50 years
Contemplation and reflection, evaluation and assimilation of life values and goals so far, gaining expertise in your chosen field, searching for a deeper meaning, midlife crisis, shift in parental responsibilities, focus on contribution to the world, sharing wisdom and mentoring, relationship issues.
Peach Ray: ages 50-80 years
Benevolence and philanthropy–contribution to society, shifting family responsibilities - empty nest, remaining active and productive, mobility, healthcare concerns and body changes, hormonal shifts, independence, financial and housing issues, retirement concerns, grieving for loved ones.
Gold Ray: 80+ years
Accumulation of life’s work, wisdom, accomplishments and experience, sage/wise crone, value of life lived, reminiscing, healthcare concerns, mobility, independence, housing issues, completing tasks, making amends, making arrangements, sharing family stories and history, grieving for loved ones,
Violet Ray: Dying & Death
Terminal illness & long-term health issues, value of living, regrets and celebrations, exploring grief and bereavement, psychological and social aspects of dying and death, mourning, burial/cremation, grief, leaving behind loved ones, after death beliefs, acceptance and surrender to the next phase of existence.

Angelic Life Path Healing For Children
Bring comfort and the healing power of Angels into your child’s life to help them at every stage of their social and behavioural development. These Angels will work within the spectrum of three rays of light symbolising the three transformational stages of development from birth, to beginning primary school, through to their teen years and high school, preparing them for adulthood.

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When a new soul incarnates into a tiny helpless body, it has to learn to adapt to life on our earth plane while coping with a whole range of human emotions, egocentricities and all the ups and downs that childhood brings. Some children are incarnating with knowledge of their celestial and starseed roots, and also past life and in between incarnation lifetime memories which adds extra pressure to their childhood in the first few years.
As a parent, family member or carer you can simply select the ray of healing for your child by focusing on their particular issue, and calling in and creating an orb of the relevant age ray of Angelic energy to assist them. The group of Angels within this ray will support and guide them during the day and will watch over them at night, often working with them in their dream time to help them resolve their issues.
Each ray will assist with the following development age-related problems:
Pink Ray: ages 0-4 years
Birth difficulties, bonding issues, soul integration, problems falling and staying asleep, feeding and digestion problems, teething, separation anxiety, abandonment issues, bonding with carers, disturbed routine, unable to make friends, struggles in unfamiliar environments, Starseed and celestial integration, past life memories integration
Green Ray: ages 5-10 years
Starting school fears, abuse, mother or father issues, struggling to communicate, feeling excluded, loneliness, fear of the dark, bedwetting, night terrors, attention seeking, sibling rivalry, death of a loved one.
Blue Ray: ages 11-16 years
New school problems, Self development issues, hormonal imbalances, peer group pressure, social anxiety, depression, low self confidence, shyness and insecurities, learning difficulties, alcohol drug nicotine or gaming addictions, sexual identity issues, body self-image issues, weight and diet related problems, trust issues, fear of failure, feeling invisible, pressure to perform, exam phobia, crushes and romantic relationships.

Anxiety Care Healing Session

Do you suffer from excessive shyness and unease around strangers and peers that becomes so extreme that it interferes with normal social development?

Do you avoid or dread situations like public speaking, eating or writing in public?
Do you suffer from anxiety/panic attacks; palpitations or accelerated heart rate; chest pains or discomfort; choking or smothering sensations; dizziness; unsteady feelings or faintness?
Do you spend more than an hour a day being involved in obsessions and compulsions; recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses or images that are experienced as intrusive and inappropriate and cause marked anxiety and distress?
Is anxiety disturbing your sleeping patterns?

Anxiety is a condition affecting many people, especially in today’s hectic pressure filled society filled with responsibilities and expectations. Very few of us have escaped its debilitating clutches. Anxiety is a natural response to particular situations which in the short term, keeps us vigilant and alert. In the long term it works against us by quickly reducing the quality of our attention and performance, eroding our self-esteem and confidence. Anxiety is a complex condition which is unique to the individual and often made up of a combination of emotions such as: anger, shame, guilt or sadness all mixed in with their fear. Anxiety and feelings of stress are symptoms, a response to pressure – the more intolerable or persistent the pressure, the worse the anxiety. 

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Complete Auric Field Flush

This is my most popular healing session developed over many years by channelling and combining the perfect energies, to provide your Auric system with a deep cleanse on all levels to raise your vibrational frequency to help prevent you from re-creating negative cycles of behaviour, breaking addictions, getting to the root cause of imbalances and bringing them to the surface for recognition, releasing and healing.

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Crystal Healing & Rainbow Colour Therapy

As both a Colour Therapist and a Crystal Healing Practitioner, I understand how combining these powerful therapies into a healing session can truly enhance your health and wellbeing Colour is a powerful tool to us in healing, as all the organs and glands of the body react and respond to the vibrationsemanating from the various colours associated with the chakra area they are situated in. For example, the kidneys respond to orange and the heart to the colour green. Each cell of the body has a frequency that resonates strongly and positively when we are healthy. When we suffer ill health or an imbalance this vibrational frequency changes and becomes distorted. When we have a problem in either of these areas, we can use those colours that are of a vibrational match to boost the corresponding chakras and areas of the endocrine system to promote well-being.
When colour is used in healing treatments, all the colours of the spectrum are utilised. We can further empower this by incorporating crystals of the same colour, and then we are working with the individual properties of the crystal as well. I work in this capacity with various attunement energy streams, my Guides, Oracle cards for Colour Therapy and Crystal Healing to create a healing session that is tailor made just for you, choosing the right colour and the crystal to restore you to a healthy equilibrium.

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Dolphin Emotional Release Healing Session

Dolphins bring us the gift of heart centred energy which is perfect for any form of emotional release healing. They aid us in removing fear based blockages, allowing us to become infused with healing Dolphin light making this session perfect for children and adults. Dolphins as Totem Guides encourage us to be open to new creative dimensions, with curiosity and trust in our own natural abilities. Their aura of playfulness teaches us how to be free of self imposed restrictions, to live in harmony with surroundings. They teach us manoeuvrability and the wisdom to see where we need balance in our life. Communication abilities are enhanced so that we can be sure our needs are met and also so that we can reach out to others with a higher awareness. Dolphins teach us the power of rhythm and emotions, to understand how life evolves in a series of life cycles. We are shown the wisdom of knowing when it is time to recognise a cycle has ended, that it has taught us all it can and to release it with love and light. Dolphin reminds us to balance work and play and let go of stress, anxiety and tension.

  • Are you calling to bring forth your wants and desires?
  • Are you voicing and expressing your creative self?
  • What are your words, thoughts and actions creating?

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Faery Healing

Faery Healing is a spiritual/holistic form of energy healing which involves communicating and working with Faeries, nature spirits and Devas to bring about health and wellbeing; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to yourself and those around you. It is allowing their love energy and guidance to flow through you without the self/ego becoming involved. This can take the form of energy healing either hands on or distance, through Faery card reading sessions or direct channelled communications by distance attunements/empowerments from those who dwell within the Fey Realms themselves

Working with faeries can help us to expand our awareness of both ourselves and also at the level of the collective consciousness. By raising our vibrations we are better able to step back and see ‘the bigger picture’ this allows us to put things in perspective and take a more proactive approach to life. Faeries help us to create a balance of all the elements within us so that we function at optimum performance, this works by releasing negative blockages, karmic cycles of fear, anger, resentment, pain, guilt and trauma which may be holding us back and preventing us from moving forward with our lives. This allows us to follow our true path or destiny and reason for incarnating in this lifetime in a vibration of love, happiness and confidence.

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Lightworkers First Aid Healing Session

As a fellow healer and lightworker, are you guilty of neglecting your own spiritual health and well-being? I know over the years I have been.
Too often we focus exclusively on others and in the process our own auric field becomes overwhelmed by the energies of others, especially if you are an empath. It is all too easy to try to serve others from an empty vessel. But at the end of the day we can only give our best when we take good care of ourselves.
Self care is not Selfish it is Survival!

With this in mind I have developed this beautiful nurturing healing session, carefully choosing attunement energy systems to target specific issues relating to the work we do as healers and lightworkers. I like to think of this session as the Healers’ Healing session.

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Unicorn Higher Awareness Healing
Unicorns reawaken the belief in magic that was lost as we left childhood behind. This magic isn’t only about belief in Faery, but just as importantly, belief in yourself and your own abilities. Too often we allow our dreams to turn to dust, not even attempting to follow our heart, or to listen to the yearnings of our soul. We are constantly being programmed by the media, influenced into believing that life cannot get any better for us, being told that things will only grow harder and we should be lucky to have what we have. When enough people believe that, hardship manifests and negativity spreads quickly.
The Faery Realm inspires and guides all those who are willing to learn through energy systems such as this one. Working with these sacred beings can help us to unlock our natural intuitive abilities and to feel secure enough to release any blockages preventing us from doing so. Our Higher Self aspect already know all we are capable of and also everything we agreed to complete for our soul journey for this incarnation. Fear, superstition, our upbringing through our formative years, our culture and community, even our loved ones can hinder our spiritual expression and development. The aim of this session is to help you in releasing your spiritual inhibitions and negative self beliefs so that you can fully embrace your natural intuitive gifts and share them confidently with the world. This energy will strengthen your connection to the Faery Realm.

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Usui Reiki Healing

Reiki is Universal or Spiritual (Rei) - Life Force or Energy (Ki). Reiki is a simple and powerful system of energy work that can be used for promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to create harmony and wholeness. Reiki does not interfere with any religion or belief systems. It is working with pure energy and healing. In most cases Reiki enhances the effects of medical treatment when used in conjunction with it. I have found it helpful to channel after clients have undertaken surgery to help them to heal more quickly and alleviate the mental and emotional trauma.  Reiki treatment enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself. It increases vitality and stamina.

When someone is diagnosed with a serious and life threatening illness there is a real fear and a sense of doom or failure so both body and mind are affected. The individual spirit, depending on their natural capacity may be weakened with worry or strengthened with resolve. It is a time when we are ill and weak that we can doubt ourselves and question the timing, the seriousness and the reason for the illness. With Reiki we are able to help a person feel good about themselves, to help them combat many of the fears and worry. Reiki will relax and open them up on both a physical and spiritual level. Reiki helps you to realign all the parts that are affected during a bout of illness serious or otherwise. When your confidence is high and your levels of stress, worry and fear are regulated then you are able to fight the illness with more confidence.

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