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Psychic Protection Systems

With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage

When you have made your choice from the attunements/empowerments listed below please email me for a PayPal invoice

Amplified Tachyon Mirror Body Deflector  £10 Founder: Mariah Windsong. This powerful and protective Amplified Tachyon Mirror Body Deflector works everywhere and whenever it is needed on any part, aspect, speck, imprint, memory, thought consciousness, footprint or projection of you that is or shall be. Amplified Tachyon Mirror Body Deflector responds to the authority of your Higher Self, Soul and Eternal Sacred Source. This means that if your Higher Self, Soul or Eternal Sacred Source deems that there is a lesson that needs to be learned; certain energies may be allowed through, even if you disagree, but this will be done in a way that you will find a way to work with this and not struggle against it. Energies of Eternal Sacred Source and ones who resonate entirely of that frequency will always be able to flow through easily

Angel Garadiel Energy £10 Founder: Alla “Light” Sharkia. The Angel Garadiel works to help transform negative energy into positive energy. Working with Angel Garadiel helps to release years of resentment and negativity held within the body. A build up of this energy can over time manifest into physical illnesses, diseases and imbalances. By getting in touch with our deepest emotions, how we perceive and react to life, we can get to the root cause of these imbalances through the conscious and unconscious mind. This energy can also be used to work through your life from birth, month by month to free trapped negativity, break limiting cycles of behaviour so you can achieve your full potential to follow your soul path.

Archangel Raphael’s Travelers Empowerment £10 Founder: Stephen Lovering. Archangel Raphael is knownto many as the Archangel of Healing on the Fifth Ray  also known as the Green Ray. Archangel Raphael is the Archangel who watches over us while we are travelling, this can be by air, road, sea or rail. With this energy we can tune into Archangel Raphael to oversee our journey and guide us safely.

Bam Reiki   £15 Founder: Linda Colibert. Smash, Blast & Crush all psychic attacks and negativity. Bam Reiki is a simple and easy to use high energy attunement that connects you to Infinite Intelligence for guidance, empowerment, and protection. The energies of this attunement work like an explosion that causes blocks and negative energies to break up and fall away. Bam Reiki works to smash and blast away psychic attacks of all kinds, negative energies that surround you, environmental and personal attachments that are not for your highest good, and any other kinds of dark or negative energies, thoughts or patterns that prevent your ability to be successful, happy, healthy, and prosperous. This system totally crushes and breaks up psychic attacks of any kind, no matter how strong or powerful the negative energy directed toward you may be, and the shattered negative and harmful energies will just fall away.

Chaos Flush Energy System  £20 Founder: Mariah WindsongChaos Flush™ energy system flushes away chaotic energies and restores your energy fields to their usual well ordered configuration. When you are near people whose lives are in chaos or who seem to stir up chaos energies naturally, your own energy fields may take on some of that way of moving. If you do not like your energy fields’ spin and dance to be shifted by chaos, you’ll enjoy Chaos Flush’s quick restore. Chaos Flush™ energy system works quickly and thoroughly to flush away chaotic energies that may have collected in your energy fields. Any chaos energies from other people that you may have been near or walked through could have disturbed your well designed energy fields. Such a disturbance can last hours or days after the chaos itself is no longer present. Chaos is felt more strongly by those of us who tend our energy fields regularly. We notice when we’ve walked through and energy that is discordant and throws our own energy out of sync with itself. Some benefits of Chaos Flush may include:
  • Normal energies levels return after activating chaos flush
  •  Mood improves after activating chaos flush
  • Outlook on life improves after activating chaos flush
  • Concentration improves after activating chaos flush
  • Feeling of safety returns after activating chaos flush
  • Faith in your Deity returns after activating chaos flush
  • Physically your body feels better after activating chaos flush
  • Desire to care about yourself returns after activating chaos flush
  • Desire to keep your commitments return after activating chaos flush
  • Desire to be kind to others returns after activating chaos flush
  • A better connection with divinity arrives after activating chaos flush
  • Aches and pains made worse by chaos ease after activating this flush
  • Worries amplified by chaos recede after activating chaos flush
  • The day’s events and tasks to do matter after activating chaos flush

Constantine Reiki – The Power Within £10 Founder: Linda Colibert. Whether you realize it or not, there is a struggle within and a struggle between the dark and light energies. The Constantine Reiki – The Power Within, connects you to the inner light, the power within you to defeat the darkness, to overcome the nightmares, to reach beyond the limitations, and demons of your own creation and more. This attunement has a strong energy that does not allow darkness to dominate or rule your thoughts. The darkness always flees the light—they cannot exist in the same place and dimension at the same time. Constantine Reiki is the power within you that shines the light on your soul, your heart, and your environment.

Crystal Faery Shield Empowerment  £15 Founder: Joanna Rowan Mullane writes: As we truly start to embark upon our life journeys all of us will at one time or another experience a shedding of the old and letting go of the things that no longer serve our highest purpose. We in a sense, have a rebirth of our Spirits, we unfold as if we are butterflies, leaving the safety of our cocoons to fly towards our future destiny. This flight however does not always come easy and we sometimes find it hard to let go of the past and open our hearts to the love of the Universe that is here now! This beautiful and healing empowerment is a two step process that works on One’s physical, mental and spiritual bodies by first helping to cleanse and release those fragments of unwanted energies and layers, and then to imprint and integrate a protective Crystal Faery Shield of light that keeps us safe and protected so that we may become who we were destined to be.

Deep Red Reiki £15 Founder: GEOM. Deep Red Reiki is a new discovery of an ancient energy source. This truly powerful, exquisite and special frequency of LIGHT may help us in many areas and with various issues. It is especially useful for protection, grounding, revitalisation and deepest psycho-spiritual cleansing. This energy works with and supports you with: Awakening, Psychic Protection, Overall Empowerment, Sealing Your Auric Field - Reclaiming Your Divinity, Reclaiming Your Power, Revitalisation, Unfolding New Passion for Life, Gaining Higher- Stronger Will, Coming to the Front of Life - Holding more Light, Life-Force and Love into your system, body, mind, cells and DNA - Boosting your Healing Energy and your Healing abilities - Helps on the Path to Enlightenment and Helps become One with All That Is / God/ the Source -  Brings forth many blessings and positive energies, well-being, protection, guidance, light, joy, peace into one’s body, mind, spirit and everyday life

Divine Energy Transformer  £10 Founder: Stephanie Brail. The Divine Energy Transformer serves as an extra layer to the aura that helps fend off “psychic vampirism” by using divine energy as a “transformer.” If a person tries to hook into your energy, the Divine Energy Transformer will redirect Reiki energy to the person instead of your own. In this way, your own energy will not be drained, and the person who is trying to take your energy will instead receive healing energy instead. The Divine Energy Transformer can also help rejuvenate your own energy by bringing more energy into your own aura.

Divine Protection Reiki  £10 Founder: Joseph ParazooThis is a wonderful system designed to offer Divineprotection and Oneness with the Universe. It is designed to be simple and yet effective. This system uses one symbol and the energy of Archangel Michael, and can be used for protection of yourself, others and even objects from both physical harm as well as negative thought forms and psychic attacks.
Dragon Ki Reiki  £15 Founder: Katie MargeretaThe symbol of the dragon represents spiraling day. Dragons are referred to as the divine mythical creature that brings with it ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune. The Dragon, symbolizes power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, nobility and divinity. A dragon overcomes obstacles until success is his. He is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and ambitious. The Dragon brings upon the essence of life, in the form of its celestial breath, known to many as sheng chi. He yields life and bestows its power in the form of the seasons, bringing water from rain, warmth from the sunshine, wind from the seas and soil from the earth. The Dragon is the ultimate representation of the forces of Mother Nature. The greatest divine force on Earth. The Dragon is often seen as the symbol of divine protection and vigilance. It is regarded as the Supreme Being amongst all creatures. It has the ability to live in the seas, fly up the heavens and coiled up in the land in the form of mountains. Being the divine mythical animal, the Dragon can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all that hold his emblem. The Chinese Dragon islook upon as the ultimate symbol of Good Fortune. On the spiritual path the Dragon energy symbolizes the power to fight against evil and the will to protect people. It’s the real energy of the Spiritual Warrior, a Warrior of Light who continuously fight evil and darkness, or those who brings darkness. Dragon Ki energy transforms the spirit at highest levels and brings protection against evil spirits. Dragon Ki brings physical and spiritual strength. In martial arts Dragon power represents the power to dominate evil and the control of Ki. Please Note: you must be a Usui/Karuna Reiki Master to pass on this attunement
Empath Protection Activation and Clearing £20 Founder: Tracy Loper. An intuitive empath is a special person who has the gift of emotional, mental, spiritual and or physical energetic sensitivity. The empath’s world can be very challenging because of this sensitivity. Many empaths struggle because they can literally lose themselves in the emotions and thoughts of other people. The empath feels, perceives and experiences other people and their moods, emotions, motivations, intentions, thoughts, pains, etc. This activation and clearing is given to us from Spirit so that empaths can move forward with peace, tranquillity, awareness of their body, and remain grounded. It will shield and protect from taking on the negative energy of others so that one’s own energy can be managed, controlled, turned off when needed and create light energy using the power of the Mind. The Empath Protection and Activation Clearing will enable one to not only manage the empath nature but adapt to it and control it and modify the intensity of the experience. This system is guided by simple intention. Anyone can use this system so that one is no longer unconsciously influenced by the thoughts, emotions and moods of others. It will clear any negative behaviours that have been adoptedas a result of negative emotions and sensitivity to others such as addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. This system will allow one to close oneself so that one is not constantly available to process other people’s negative feelings and energy. It will bring in the energy of self love so that one can put oneself first and others second so that one is a strong, powerful, clear, clean and healthy empath. The energy of this system will elevate one’s mental outlook. The activation will provide protection and defence against the negative emotions and energy of others so that one is no longer plagued by overwhelming floods of other people’s energy.

Excalibur Reiki  £15 Founder: Stephanie Brail. Excalibur Reiki is used to cut through the veil of illusion, separating us from out true spiritual selves. It is great to use it to clear out negative energies, remove negative attachments to objects, people, things and places. To cut etheric cords between people and provide protection from negative entities or thought form. You can incorporate Excalibur Reiki into your regular Reiki session to add to the healing energies. It is also useful in bringing light, peace and clarity to any situation you use it for. There is only one attunement to Excalibur Reiki, and there are two symbols, the symbols are more like visualizations that you use, then typical Reiki symbols. Excalibur can be used as a focusing tool to bring insights and clairvoyance to you. It is a nice and warm energy that will bring clarity and protection to the user and receiver. Excalibur will connect you with The Knights of the Round Table and their energy. They are especially helpful with ridding unwanted people and negative entities that surround one. Excalibur will also connect you with Merlin the magician and his energy. This connection will help you to transform something and make it into something else, as in alchemy. Merlin's energy is a wonderful way to change "bad things" in your life and transmute it into something positive. Excalibur will also connect you with the Lady of the Lake, she brings healing and wisdom. If you are troubled and don't know where to turn the Lady of the Lake will help give you answers in your dreams. She has a calm and peacefully beautiful energy.

Infection Inhibitor Field £15 Founder: Mariah WindsongOnly a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher can pass on an Infection Inhibitor Field attunement to other people. The following is from Mariah’s manual: “Infection Inhibitor Field is a spherical energy field that you can activate and with your intention, and step into, thus placing your body inside the energy field.  The Infection Inhibitor Field inhibits the replications of the harmful bacteria or viruses which cause infection. This helps slow down the spread of infection and gives your body a better opportunity to heal faster!”

Magick Reiki Jinx Removal  £10 Founder: Linda Colibert. Magick Reiki Jinx Removal is an energy infused system. Magick and Reiki are joined to create a powerful energy to help you remove any Unix that might be on you or your loved ones. It does not cause harm to anyone, but does remove the jinx for good! This system connects you to Spirit and your Higher Soul Self so that you can remove any bad mojo that might have been put on you or attached to you by someone jealous, resentful or just mean. Removing the jinx is quick and easy when you use these energies. It is a very powerful system. The energies of Magick Reiki Jinx Removal quickly remove the jinx energy. It won’t come back once it is removed. They energies are of light, and they are strong. They will help you feel a sense of relief. You will be attuned to a symbol to help you to connect to the energies.

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki  £20 Founder: Ali AfnanThis course of attunements enhances and fortifies our natural psychic protection on all levels of the aura and energy chakras. These attunements can help to free us from numerous forms of psychic attack such as: Negative or limiting thoughts - Psychic Vampires - Thought Forms - Psychic 'hoovers' (draining people) - Intentional and unintentional psychic attack - Psychic Attachment - Geopathic stress from radiation, ley lines and so on - Psychic Penetration. There are 5 levels sent as one attunement and one symbol in this system. 

Level 1: Clears Blockages & Negative Debris in the body & the aura 

Level 2: More Clearing in all layers of the aura 

Level 3: Clears the chakras 

Level 4:  Practitioner - You now can remove these from others 

Level 5: Master/Teacher - Highest Energy and now able to attune others

Noisy Neighbours Reiki £10 I know. You can't sleep, can't relax, can't play and can't work –and your neighbours don't seem to care how noisy they are. How frustrating! But there is hope. You can use this spiritual approach to resolve the situation. This Reiki brings Universal Healing Energy, Wisdom, and Love to rescue you. You will learn the three step process of: Consideration, Healing, and Hope to bring about a harmonious environment for all concerned.

Odin Essence Attunement
 £10 Founder: Hari Andri Winarso. The energy of this essence brings strength and fortitude, giving us bravery to venture forth from the ‘black night of the soul’. When you can connect with Odin you are infused with this Divine strength and will feel strong, grounded and centred. 

Outside Influence Protection Empowerment  £15 Founder Stephanie Brail. The Outside Influence Protection Empowerment helps to clear up outside negative energy that may be adversely impacting your life or the life of your clients. It removes curses, hexes and malicious spells from friends, loved ones and colleagues that might be indirectly affecting you in a negative way. It also cuts negative cords with toxic people, and helps remove negative energy from your environment and surroundings. It is also a quick way to perform psychic protection for those closest to you, because the empowerment will psychically protect those family and friends in your inner circle. Prerequisite: Reiki master or at least Level II.                             
Psychic Protection Flame £10 Founder: Stephanie Brail. Archangel Michael provided this energy to offer protection from psychic attack. This protection is very important, especially in modern times where we are bombarded with outside energies constantly. Psychic attacks are more common than people realize. We are born with natural defences against psychic attack – a spiritual immune system, if you will, that should normally provide protection from common psychic attacks. Sometimes, however, the spiritual immune system is compromised, due to an extensive psychic attack, trauma, illness, or other negative impact on the energetic system. When this happens, the individual becomes very vulnerable to psychic attacks, much more vulnerable than usual. Sometimes, even a person with a strong spiritual immune system will fall prey to a psychic attack, especially if it is particularly vicious, persistent, or perpetrated by a large group. Healers and light workers are particularly vulnerable to psychic attacks because light workers are often targeted by dark energies. Furthermore, clients who need healing are often filled with excessive negative energy. It is thus very important for anyone in the healing profession to protect themselves regularly. This is why psychic protection is critical. The Psychic Protection Flame is designed to not only protect the individual from psychic attack, but repair the individual’s spiritual immune system each time the flame is activated. In this way, the Psychic Protection Flame provides immediate relief from current psychic attacks, and long-term protection thanks to the strengthening of the spiritual immune system as well. 

Sacred Etheric Smudge Essence £15Founder: Rosemary Noel. Smudging is the burning of herbs or incense for cleansing, purification, protection of the physical and spiritual bodies, banishment of negative energies and the creation of a sacred space. The smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it releasing it to another space where it will be transformed into positive energy. What then is Sacred Etheric Smudge Essence? This is a technique to utilise the same energy of smudging without the actual burning of herbs or incense. This method is particularly effective for those with health issues that prevent them from burning herbs or incense in their homes. One of the most powerful uses of Sacred Etheric Smudge Essence is that it can be sent over distance to a person, place or situation. Smudging can be used in daily life for practical purposes: to restore physical, mental and emotional balance; to shield against negative energies; to cleanse yourself, your magickal tools, your sacred space and to restore balance and calm.

Sacred Hamsa Attunement £10 Founder: Jalu Wasondadi. Hamsa – also known as the Khamsa is a hand shaped amulet used for protection by both Jews and Muslims but now its powerful protection abilities are more widely known and are used worldwide. It is thought to actually pre-date both religions and is associated with the Goddess Tanit who was a Phoenician Moon Goddess worshiped as the patron Goddess of Carthage. Hamsa is used to ward off the evil eye and can be found at the entrance of the homes, in cars on charm bracelets etc. The benefits that you get from the Sacred Hamsa Attunement is; Brings you in peace and radiates love - Attracts love, good luck, happiness, riches and good health - Helps against negative energy.


NEW Shadow Phoenix - Black Phoenix of Protection £15Founder: Linda Colibert.This energy connects you to the spirit of the phoenix as protector and to universal creative source. The Spirit of the Phoenix is known for rising above obstacles. This spirit energy will help you with release, personal empowerment and powerful protection.The Shadow Phoenix, another aspect of the well-known Phoenix will keep any eye out for anything that may block your energies or bring harm. Once you have connected to the energies of the Shadow Phoenix, an inner alarm system will alert you in time to lessen the effects of a situation or issue of negative energy to help you prevent any harmful effects.

The release that takes place with this attunement does not cause ill side effects. It brings in energies of joy, confidence and strength. The personal empowerment of knowing you can achieve anything you set your intention to comes in with a strong yet soothing energy that builds to help you stand in your own power against all challenges. You can achieve success and you can be true to yourself with honour and joy. The Shadow Phoenix watches over your heart, your dreams, your passions, your creativity and your joy. It keeps your positive desires well focused as you rise above those who would weigh you down or prevent your success. The Black Phoenix will protect you and your dreams of future happiness as it stops the negative energies from attaching and interfering with your soul purpose and life path.

Shield of Archangel Michael  £15 Founder: Linda Colibert. This is an extremely powerful yet simple method of psychic protection and angelic assistance. From the manual: The Shield of Archangel Michael connects you to the power and energies of Archangel Michael and surrounds you with Archangel Michael’s love and protection. While you do not need an attunement to call on Archangel Michael for any reason, this attunement will connect you to him in a powerful way and strengthen any connections to Archangel Michael that you may already have. You will learn how to use the symbol to invoke Archangel Michael’s protection quickly and powerfully for yourself, others, animals, plants, your home, your finances, and anything else you may want to protect. You will also understand how to shield yourself and others against any form of negative energies, people, and etc. You will be guided as to how to release your fears and embrace the future with confidence.

Spirit Reiki  £10 Founder: Linda Jean Horton. Spirit Reiki is a system of healing and spiritual growth. This system uses 2 symbols from the Usui Reiki system so anyone taking this attunement must be a Usui Reiki Master. The course includes: Spirit Reiki teaches Distant Healing - Spirit Awakening; helping you to reach your spirit’s highest goals for the betterment of your higher self - Protection and healing physical pain - Increase the flow of prosperity, health, abundance in all good things - Crystalline energy to help clear and focus energy, thoughts and intention - Power symbol which can be used empower other symbols, clear rooms of negative energy, and protect from physical harm, verbal, emotional confrontation and also psychic attack. * You must be a Usui Reiki Master to take this attunement

Te Exorciso Attunement  £10

Founder: Stewart  Farquharson "Use energy to disperse negative beings you meet. You meet negative energies as you walk your city streets. You have the right to move them out and keep them away. They could be unhappy ghosts, drifting energy, imps, misplaced guardians of long gone buildings, or predatory demons.

Toxic Family Shield £15 Founder: Stephanie Brail. The Toxic Family Shield is a simple method of psychic protection that works to protect from the negative energy of family members. It shields from toxic psychic energy while projecting an energy of love and comfort to the problem family members. It can be effective whether the problem family members are close or at a distance. Family can be a wonderful thing but can also be the cause of great pain and frustration. We are tied to our family members in ways we are not with most of our friends and colleagues that we meet in other areas of our life. Our parents in particular have a tremendous effect on us that extends beyond childhood. While we may love our parents, we may still have to deal with their dysfunctional psychology and issues. Siblings, in-laws and other family members can also be a source of distress and challenge. There are many ways a toxic family member can negatively affect someone. The following behaviours are considered as toxic to health and well being:
  • Attempting to intimidate you by yelling or becoming violent in any manner.
  • Consistently talking down at you, sending the message that he or she is just plain better than you.
  • Regularly telling you what he or she thinks is wrong with you.
  • Slandering others behind their backs i.e. trying to engage you in gossip that is hurtful to others.
  • Spending the bulk of your conversations complaining about his or her life and others.
  • Discouraging you from pursuing your interests and dreams.
  • Attempting to take advantage of your kindness and resources, and trying to make you feel guilty if you don't do what he or she wants.