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Lightarian Rays Program

By The Lightarian Institute

Accelerate your spiritual transformation by receiving the Lightarian Ray Program; a series of powerful, guided-meditation attunements inspired by the Celestial Masters;

  • Maitreya
  • El Morya
  •  Buddha
  • Sananda
  • St. Germain
  • The Universal Source

The first five Rays focus on the essential phases of spiritual processing..Empowerment, Clearing, Healing, Activation and Manifestation. The sixth Ray called the Source Ray focuses on lifting you further into the unfolding global-human ascension process.

The Lightarian Rays are a series of guided-meditation attunements each creating a powerful and permanent connection for you with one of the Masters. Each Ray is an "attunement event" that launches extraordinary "energetic processing" within your chakras, subtle bodies and physical body creating spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation in your life. Once this connection is made, the particular Master works with you energetically "in your etheric background" to support an essential aspect of your spiritual self-development. After receiving the Ray attunements, you will accelerate along your spiritual path perhaps more quickly and effectively and with more grace and joy than you would naturally be experiencing!

The often mysterious process of personal spiritual development can be demystified and simplified down to these five basic aspects;

  • Empowerment
  • Clearing
  • Healing
  • Activation
  • Manifestation

Each Master focuses on these aspects to create an effective, accelerated program of self-development for you. Self-empowerment is the starting point for the spiritual awakening process, As you become clearer, the more effectively you can heal, the more you clear and heal, then the greater can be your rate of personal energetic activations. All of this leading to a greater ability for you to manifest a higher level of Light transforming all areas of your life.

After your attunements the energy set in motion by the Masters will continue to work in the background, supporting and guiding you, opening you up to higher energies and new experiences as is right for your individual life path.

As you move along your spiritual paths, the five essential aspects of personal energetic development will be taking place. This will vary in intensity and pace, and according to how advanced you are along your spiritual path, and what you need to learn and experience. Many are experiencing a speeding up of their vibrations, new information coming to them personally and for the collective. These energies smoothly accelerate this process, helping to clear blockages, heal, strengthen and empower us so we can do our spiritual work more efficiently.  

1. Empowerment Ray

Inspired by Ascension Master Maitreya, the Empowerment Ray is the starting point for the spiritual awakening process and serves as prerequisite for receiving the other Rays.   The Empowerment Ray stimulates a dramatic "spiritual wake-up call" of the highest order, triggering waves of energetic acceleration and vibrational change.

2. Clearing Ray

Created by Ascended Master El Morya, the Clearing Ray launches a gentle, yet effective "etheric deep cleaning” stripping away all of your adverse soul programming, inappropriate belief structures and undesired mental and emotional patterns.

3. Healing Ray


Sourced by Ascended Master Buddha, the Healing Ray initiates a powerful process of holistic self-healing returning you to a state of balance and alignment.

4. Activation Ray

Inspired by Ascended Master Sananda, the Activation Ray energetically activates your latent etheric coding and triggers powerful, ongoing spiritual initiations allowing more of your Higher Self energies to flow into your daily life.

5. Manifestation Ray

Sourced by Ascended Master St. Germain, the Manifestation Ray expands your capacity for manifesting on all levels opening you to attract spiritual, mental, emotional and physical abundance to serve your highest purpose

6. Lightarian Source Ray

Beyond the first five Lightarian Rays, is the Source Ray, this is a connection with the energies of our Universal Source. The first five Rays (with their focus on stimulating spiritual processing) serve as an "energetic platform" and prerequisite for the Source Ray, which creates a dramatic leap to a new vibrational connection with even higher levels of divine energies.  These levels consist of highly focused energies of pure thought and intention which produce "all of creation within our physical and non-physical reality." The Source Ray creates a resonant, energetic connection for you with this band of celestial energies focusing on "lifting you further into the unfolding ascension process" that humans and Gaia are experiencing at this time. It is designed to stimulate and support you on your quest for a more perfected and ascended way of "being and doing" in your daily experience.


You will also be registered with the Lightarian Institute


All Lightarian manuals are posted to you in printed format, this service is available worldwide so please allow the appropriate time for your country for delivery.

Lightarian Ray Program - All 6 Levels - Lightarian Institute Price - $890

Our Price -


You will receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • 6 Attunements which may be sent either by Chi Ball or by a prearranged appointment. Please note: New information from the Institute sets a guideline of 1 attunement per week instead of 1 per month as previously recommended in the manual.
  • One emailed certificate at the end of your course
  • Your lineage
  • You will also receive full registration with the Lightarian Institute for every level within this Lightarian system. Your registration will then enable you to pass on the attunements to others. 
When you have made your choice please email me