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Hello my name is Raine I am a jewellery designer and artist producing unique one of a kind works of art. My inspiration is drawn from spiritual sources and themes. All the pieces are lovingly created with a view to balancing the Mind, Body & Spirit. I have such a love of nature and more than a passing interest in all things spiritual which I incorporate into all my art work. I use the natural world as my central focal point, drawing on different traditions from around the globe and taking in different cultural influences to add a varied hue to my work. The jewellery designs featured in this gallery incorporate a wide range of materials from man made as well as sourced from the natural world. Including crystals, gemstones, shells, wood, acrylics, glass & even ancient artefacts and coins. I also make handcrafted Roman Coin Greeting Cards. The perfect card & present rolled into one for that difficult to buy for person ... and we all have a few of those!
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