Health & Well-being Oracle Card Readings

I have been involved in both healing & card reading for such a very long time. During childhood, I was what could be termed a nature witch, for I drove my parents to despair by throwing my clothes off and dashing outside each time we had a thunderstorm. Something in the stormy weather called to an instinctive part of my nature. I can still see myself on lazy summer days sitting out in the garden by the flowerbeds making up my own charms and spells, all my own ideas, but inspired from an old book of fortune-telling and the mysterious. As a young girl I took to reading playing cards and became very good at it, so good in fact that I gave up for a while, as I began to unnerve myself by the sheer accuracy of my readings.

Nowadays I work with oracle cards in a more focused healing, counseling framework so please don’t come to me asking when you will ‘win the lottery’ or when you will meet ‘tall dark and handsome’ as I don’t work in that way, but I will help you to uncover and release any blockages preventing you from connecting to the flow of abundance or finding love.

As I type this I have been a card reader for thirty years. I read oracle cards as these are the cards which speak to me best. The decks I work with are the ones which choose me, I feel an inner voice calling me when I see a new deck ready to nudge its way onto my already crowded shelf!

I work very closely with the Fey Realms as  Faery High Priestess and the Angelic Realms as an Angel Therapist as well as with various Ascended Masters and Deities and this is reflected in the choice of cards I work with.

Everyone is different and with this in mind I have several decks of cards to work from. I will tune into you and see which one I feel most drawn to, or that fits your situations best.

Email readings are better for you the client as you then have a permanent copy of your reading which is handy to refer back to in the future or to meditate upon for further insight.

All readings will be sent as Word attachments showing illustrations of the cards used in the actual reading and not simply written into emails.

In order to read for each person I tune into their energy field and in doing so may often pick up further intuitive information which is outside the scope of the cards themselves, making each reading as unique as you are.

3 Card Readings:

With a 3 card reading we have many different ways of approaching it. I would like to offer you a few different options which you may find helpful in gaining insight into your situation.

Seeking Insight into Yourself

Strengths / Weaknesses / Advice

Material state / Emotional state / Spiritual state

You / Your current path / Your potential

Opportunities / Challenges / Outcome


Seeking Insight into a Situation

Past / Present / Future

What will help you / What will hinder you / What is your unrealised potential

The nature of your problem / The cause / The solution

Current situation / Obstacle / Advice

Where you stand now / What you aspire to / How to get there

What you aspire to / What is standing in your way / How you can overcome this


Seeking Insight into Relationships

You / The other person / The relationship

What you want from the relationship / What they want from the relationship / Where the relationship is heading

What brings you together / What pulls you apart / What needs your attention

8 Card Readings:

Sometimes even though we know what we want out of life, we are unwittingly self-sabotaging ourselves, setting ourselves up to fail. This can be due to past experiences, fear of failure, even fear of success.

The 8 cards we work with cover many different aspects which could be holding you back, as well as showing where your strengths lay. I don’t predict the future, I am not a fortune teller. I use these cards in a healing therapeutic manner to get to the root of your problems and issues to bring them to your awareness so that they can be recognised, healed and released.

The first card represents your current life phase,

The second card represents what is behind you,

The third card represents what is before you,

The fourth card represents weaknesses to be overcome,

The fifth card represents strengths that need to be developed,

The sixth card represents obstacles that lie in your way,

The seventh card represents what will help you,

The eighth card represents the final outcome of this phase.

The price for a three card  reading  is just £15.99 please choose from the list of questions above. If you need help with this do ask :-)

Should you wish for a more in-depth general reading, or you would like to dig a little deeper into your situation or gain more insight about a particular question, then an eight card reading would be more suitable. This is priced at just


If you would like to request a reading;

 email me @

Just let me know if you would like a 3 or an 8 card reading

Then I will issue you with a PayPal invoice.

When I have received your payment you will receive your reading as soon as possible.