About Me - Phil


Phil, as well as being my husband, is a practicing shamanic coach, therapist and healer. He is also my partner in Good Vibes Holistic Therapies, and, as such he offers a wide range of services which compliment those I offer beautifully. Below you can see a list of his main services and links to his website. 

Therapy & Counselling Services

Shamanic Services

We both enjoy discussing the intriguing twists and turns of life, how our personal perceptions and views are rarely the same as anyone else's, I have explored this concept more deeply in my short story collection 'Twelve Shards of Glass, available on Amazon for Kindle.

The Harry Royle Thrillers are a fictionalised account of my father's adventures in the 1930's-1940's. The 3rd book in the trilogy will be available later on this year. To read more about this please click HERE