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Raine HiltonHello and welcome to Good Vibes Holistic Therapies!
Good Vibes Holistic Therapies (GVHT) offer distance spiritual training in a variety of uniquely channelled attunement systems.

Each system is written by myself and my partner Phil. Prices start at just £7.99

Healing and therapy sessions can be purchased singularly or in cost-effective packages.

We carefully select and blend traditional healing systems and modalities with the latest techniques and energies.

Tailor-made Sessions as Unique as you are

Good Vibes Holistic Therapies, we create unique tailor-made sessions to enhance your health and well-being. 
We are always happy to discuss via email the best course of action to suit your personal needs.

Energy healing promotes positive inner and outer changes at a soul-deep level by working on the root cause of problems. Healing energies filter through your auric field to improve your vibrational frequency.

Our GVHT attunement energies work on the spiritual, emotional, mental and, physical levels of your being. Healing aligns your whole body, bringing lasting harmony and equilibrium.

I invite you to join us at Good Vibes Holistic Therapies on a journey of soul discovery to experience revitalization, relaxation and release at a deeply profound level

Reiki Energies
When it comes to energy healing many people believe there is only one kind and that is Reiki energies. The truth is very different.

Energetic healing has become an umbrella term. 
Reiki energies do of course come within this area and rightly so, considering their very special lineage and usage, but they are not the be-all and end-all of the energy healing.

The term Reiki energies is a little like the brand name Hoover. Many people use this brand name to describe the act of vacuuming. 
Although there are many brands of vacuum cleaners on the market, many still call it by the original brand name.

And, so it is with Reiki energies. For many healers these were the first energetic modalities they were attuned to and so, have become the general term used.

This mistaken use of the term allows many other forms to go unnoticed. Egyptian energies, Angelic energies, Celtic and Avalonian energies, Celestial and Starseed energies, Shamanic energies, Faery energies and many more.

This is why it’s important to widen the lens of our focus, otherwise, we can all too easily become stuck in a single area, even if that area happens to be one as important and as amazingly effective as Reiki energies.

Each time you make a purchase from Good Vibes Holistic Therapies (GVHT) we will donate 10% of your payment to The British Red Cross. This is our way of helping those in need on a global basis. Thank you to all of our clients who will now make a very real difference in the lives of others.
Our Vision & Mission

Good Vibes Holistic Therapies are the combined dreams and experiences of Raine and Philip Hilton.  

Together we offer more than just outstanding quality and services within the holistic complementary industry. 

We firmly believe that to serve is the greatest gift of all.

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Enjoy the benefits of being a Good Vibes Holistic Therapies Member. 

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Kindness + Mindfulness = Kindfulness 

Here at GVHT we embody Kindfulness in our approach to holistic wellbeing.

Kindfulness brings wholeness to the body, mind, and spirit.

Kindfulness powerfully affects the way we interact with others and the world.

Kindfulness allows healing to happen at a deep cellular level.

Kindfulness is acceptance of who you are right now.

When we are kinder to ourselves, we are able to be kinder and more mindful of others