Welcome To Good Vibes Holistic Therapies

Hello, my name is Raine Hilton. I am a Holistic Life Coach and Complementary Health Care Therapist, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Usui Reiki and Lightarian Facilitator Master Teacher.

Here at Good Vibes Holistic Therapies we offer distance spiritual training in a wide variety of attunement systems, some of these are unique ones channelled and written by myself and my GVHT partner Phil. Prices start from just £5.99

Healing and therapy sessions can be purchased singularly or in various cost effective packages. We carefully select and blend traditional healing systems and modalities with the latest techniques and energies to create an individual tailor-made session that is as unique as you are to enhance your health and well-being. We are always happy to help advise you on the best course of action to suit your personal needs.
We also stock a variety of unique handcrafted spiritual tools, kits, jewellery and crafts to inspire and empower your spiritual development
Our Vision & Mission
Behind Good Vibes Holistic Therapies are the combined dreams, experience and hard work of two individuals, who together offer more than just outstanding quality and services within the holistic complimentary industry, but who firmly believe that to serve is the greatest gift of all

March Special Offers & New Services
Healing & Guidance Therapies 

All therapies listed below can be accessed by clicking the Healing & Guidance Therapies Page. 
  • Distance Healing Attunements    
  • Spiritual Training & Coaching
  • Soul-Path Guidance
  • Ancestral Line Karmic Clearing
  • Angel/Faery/Shamanic Healing
  • Kabbalah Healing
  • Crystal Healing/Colour Therapy
  • Shamanic Energy Cord Cutting
  • Good Vibes Tune-Up
  • Soul Care Packages
  • Soul Retrieval & Psychopomp
  • Know Your Spiritual Guide
  • Shamanic Pet/Animal Healing
  • Personal & Property Cleansing
  • Oracle, Tarot, Rune Readings
Energy Healing can assist you with a wide variety of conditions, issues and imbalances. It encourages an ongoing journey of soul discovery leading to revitalisation, relaxation, and release at a deeply profound level.
Over time this can bring about not only positive and proactive inner changes but outer ones too as it works on the root cause of any problems rather than just papering over the cracks.
Healing energies filter through your whole energetic system, working with the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels of your being to help your whole body to realign and heal itself bringing lasting harmony and equilibrium.

Therapy & Counselling Services:
All therapies listed below can be accessed by clicking the Healing & Guidance Therapies Page. 
  • Addiction Therapy
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Life Coaching
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Pet Bereavement Counselling

…all without leaving the comfort of your own home!